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I’m going to be frank here; nothing confuses me more when it comes to writing than timelines.

Jumping right into this topic, I’ve had to work out the timelines in my stories before to make sure everything fits together. Fallen Hearts was really difficult to keep track of because…er, no spoilers, but if you’ve read the ending, you know what I’m talking about.

Even still, I’ve never actually needed to make an info graphic to keep track of everything–until now.

I found myself going through one of my books today to fact check and make certain everything I’m planning for my next book is in place. The thing is, timelines aren’t even mentioned in my series very often, but I’m unwilling to hear from someone, “Hey, how could this happen then when they said in this book that it was X amount of years ago?”

So yeah, I’m a stickler for details no matter how much is explained in the actual story, and as you can probably tell from my description, my next book is going to center heavily on a previously established storyline. I’d love to tell you more now, but instead of letting any cats out of the bag, I’ve decided to do something a little more fun (and maybe pointless lol) which is to let everyone guess! :P

So take a guess at who the next book is about (and I promise this isn’t some trick where the character isn’t actually listed here)! I’ve been thinking about running a type of contest using one of these polls anyway where the winner gets like a 10 dollar egift card to amazon, too. What do you think?

Cheers! :D

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