The Final Calling by Angela Colsin (Book Review)

Oh wow, I don’t think I’ve ever received two reviews in one day before, aaaaaaaaand I’m speechless. I need to find some confetti and throw it everywhere while yelling “Drinks are on the house!” or something! Thank you so much for the wonderful review (on all of my books in fact!) and I’ll try to keep the good times rolling in future stories hah!

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Adult Romance/Paranormal Romance

Copy provided for an honest review.

Edith is a mage in training to become an enchantress. To become an enchantress she must complete her “Final Calling” which is a scavenger hunt to find all the materials needed to create her staff and gain immortality. To get all her materials she must journey through magical worlds/realms and encounter various magical beings that are good and evil. To make things more complicated, she is “marked for death” by a Perosian Tyrant. Luckily an attractive and loud-mouthed Perosian, Isaac, claiming to be her mate, wants to help her and will do anything to keep her safe.

Isaac has known that Edith was his mate since she helped cure him of a curse (read Light of Dawn – Charlotte and Ulric’s story) but he couldn’t pursue her until she had been trained as a mage. Now that Edith…

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