Hunter's Moon

Hunter’s Moon and Book Planning

I haven’t been very active the past few days (I have a really good personal reason for that just fyi), not since posting this suspicious image of a wolf that claims to be a teaser for my next book. Or did I!? :P

Anyway, I’ll be honest, I feel it’s too early to really start making announcements yet, but I did want to let a few tidbits out of the bag in regards to my teasing and hinting around with wolves and titles. Sooooooooo…!

As you may have guessed from the picture, Hunter’s Moon is book six of The Crucible Series, and yep, we’re going back to the world of lupines. But which lupine in specific, you ask? Why, none other than Caleb Hodgins! (To refresh your memory because it’s been a while since I wrote Blue Moon, Caleb is the youngest child of the Hodgins family, Conner’s twin, and he’s the best tracker in the pack. I do believe he’s also the one Cade told to keep it in his pants when asking about Ashley lmao!).

I don’t have a synopsis yet, I just wanted to drop by and let everyone know who this story is going to be about and make a few other comments in regards to my book planning process. This is the first time I’ve written a book about a previously established race of beings, and it’s been kind of hard so far to strike a balance between the information already delivered in Blue Moon (for people who’ve already read the book), and keeping things informative for those who haven’t. Because books in The Crucible Series are written as standalones, however, I think it’s important to keep things fleshed out without going overboard–and this is why each of my books features a preface at the beginning.

I wanted these prefaces to deliver enough information that would let readers roll with the punches without feeling completely lost, but not enough that it would tell the story up front. For example, the tidbit on lupines says nothing about their bonding or the marking, it only states facts about what they are, some abilities, and the Order that governs them (Hunter’s Moon).

That said, I’d actually planned for this book to be the fourth in my series. But after I finished Strange Brew, I realized two things. First, out of three books, two were about creatures either related to wolves, or loosely related to them, and I knew I needed to shake things up a bit. Second, I didn’t feel the series itself had conveyed enough information on the way the paranormal world worked to make some of the plot angles we’ll be witnessing in Hunter’s Moon feel fleshed out.

So I switched it up a bit, wrote Fallen Hearts, and with that said, we may be seeing a few things from the fourth book that relate to the next story! :)

So there you have it, a nice, succinct writing update, and I’ll have more information on this book up as soon as it’s strategically possible lol! :)

Cheers! :D

5 thoughts on “Hunter’s Moon and Book Planning

    1. Aww thanks! So am I! I really wish I could’ve put this book out as book 4 just because I love Caleb so much personally and I’ve had his story kicking around in my head for so long, but I’m actually glad I waited now, and I get sentimental because I feel like I’m getting back to the “roots” of the series with this one. It’s still very early into planning, too, but I’m having a lot of fun working out the direction of this book and, of course, furthering Cade and Ashley’s story! :D

      Anyway, if you’d like, I’ll keep you on my “update” list and send you an ARC when it’s available?

      1. How fun! It’s has to feel good to go back and revisit a story that has been “brewing” for a while…and now you have some wonderful characters that could be incorporated into the story if you choose….the endless possibilities! With that being said, I would be happy to review this book and any of your books in the future. Feel free to add me to the list! (I tried clicking on the link above and it didn’t work for me…)

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