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Authorgraph and Book Boyfriend Badges

So, I’ve been handing out more of my uh … sage advice … but also some well wishes! Still, and in advance, I’d like to apologize to Annette for my shoddy sense of humor. I’m sure no one would benefit from my words of wisdom. But if they did, I’d be one part scared, one part excited, and completely confused. =|

Now, onto other areas, specifically being the badges below. Just a little idea I had to thank everyone for their support. Feel free to gank one if it suits your fancy, and post them on your blog or website or facebook page, whatever.

bbb_cade bbb_ulric
bbb_troy bbb_stephan


And yeeeeeeah, I just didn’t think “Came for the Demons/Perosians” was entirely suiting for Isaac. So I made it a little more appropriate :P I’m also vastly amused at Cade’s because it rhymes XD!

Cheers! :D


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