No Time for Reading!

Before I get started on this topic, I wanted to show off my new banner, w00t!


This time around, I wanted to do something a little grungy, and had an idea for a wall with posters tacked up all over it. So I pieced this together and added a few “news headlines” that, well, I thought were amusing for various reasons. From left to right, top to bottom, they read;

    The Secret Lives of Immortals Revealed!
    Out-Realm Vacationing – Travel to New Worlds Like The Archmages
    Arkin Pack Gets New Alpha
    Missing Persons Cases Connected?
    Can Vampires Be Trusted? Local Couple to Start New Order
    Werewolves Move to Arkin City
    What Can Magic Do to Enhance Your Life?

So yep, I had lots of fun with that one!

Anyway, I need to mention a few things potentially coming up in the near-ish future, for example, now, when you buy Blue Moon from certain retailers, it comes with a preview of Light of Dawn. This will be available with all retailers soon, and I’m going to add previews to other books as well!

Next, I’ve been making plans to release another box set, but what books it might contain will be kept under my hat for the moment. Still, keep an eye out for those of you who like getting multiple books at cheaper prices than buying them separately! :)

The last thing I wanted to note is that I actually have some short stories planned for my series. Because I’m nowhere near ready to begin work on them yet, I can’t really say too much about what’s going on or who’s involved. But I can say I would absolutely love to make these stories holiday-centric. In the mood for Halloween? Christmas? That’s what I’m aiming for! :)

Aside from that, I know I’ve been pretty quiet lately, and I hate that I don’t have enough time to come here and make updates on at least a weekly basis. I really do try to (and maybe I’m slightly successful in that endeavor), but I feel that as long as I’m actually working on writing, it’s not a horrible loss.

And believe you me, I AM writing.

Speaking of being busy, let’s discuss the topic of this post, shall we? I’m too busy for consistent blog updates, and as it seems, some people are too busy to read. I’ve seen a lot of that type of talk lately. Everyone has too much to do to find the time to sit down and indulge themselves in a good book–and some of it’s really important stuff! Work, kids, appointments, school, all kinds of things get in the way of leisure time, and when we do finally take that moment to breathe, we’re using it to catch up with friends, watch that show we’ve been meaning to watch, or spend time with our family.

Of course, a lot of people do take that spare moment to read a few pages, but with the sheer volume of comments I’ve seen (primarily on my facebook feed) recently, it got me to thinking about how this type of busy schedule might affect the book market and influence book reading trends. There are literally thousands upon thousands of books available now, many of which are by indie authors alone. So you’re even more unlikely to see sales of your own books, but what types of books are being read. Is this a true indication of what’s “popular” now?

It’s something to consider anyway, and I was wondering, what does everyone hanging out around these parts do? Have you found yourself with little time to read? If so, how often do you get the chance, or what do you sacrifice to actually be able to read more if you’re a glorified bookworm? :D

Let me know! And I hope everyone’s having a great week! Cheers! :D

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2 thoughts on “No Time for Reading!

  1. I have very little time to read, because the little spare time I have I spend it writing. But otherwise, I tend to read in the evening, before bed, because I’m then too tired to write and I enjoy a good book before falling asleep. But that means it can take me a while to read through a whole book, even if said book is great. I had lots more time when I was single and a student, less now that I’m married with kids lol. Hence why I think the YA market is one of, if not the most successful genre. Teens and young adults simply have more time and spare cash than their older counterparts! And the even older generation (the over 60) probably reads loads too, I think, but I doubt they hang around the net or social medias, so they probably stick to trad pub.

    I am quite difficult and fussy with my books though, and I go through phases, where I will want to read thrillers for a while, then adventures, then romance etc… I love it when a book offers a mix of genres too.

    As for the market being flooded with indie books, you are right. I think the problem is that people are confronted to books where quality is not guaranteed, so they take a risk when they buy an Indie book, whereas they take less of a risk with a trad pub book (though I’ve read some shocking ones too!). Even reviews on Indie books aren’t a guarantee. But I do feel that the more books an indie author writes, the more credible, and less of a risk he/she becomes. Hence why I’m looking at you with your incredible collection of novels, in awe and envy lol (and once again, your covers are so damn pretty).
    I’m on my third book myself, but I am so slooow…

    • Wow, yeah, you make some really good points I hadn’t thought of concerning who has free time to read and why those genres would be the most popular (and YA is extremely popular, I’ve definitely thought about writing some books for it). Actually, I wanted to do a YA Series that’s a spinoff of my PNR series, but sadly, I only have time for the one series at the moment.

      When it comes to reading, I’m kind of down to keeping up with only one series now (trying to juggle a day job, writing, and promotion pretty much takes up all of my spare time). But this year, I decided my goal would be to publish two books, and I’ve got one down, one to go (which is being a pain at the moment trying to hammer stuff out lol).

      I also hadn’t considered how an indie author with more books to offer might be more credible than one who’s only got a book or two under their belt. Still, you can’t rush these things if you want quality. Ten crappy books won’t be the equivalent of one that’s really good ya know! LoL (And you’re making me blush over there with the cover compliment so STAAAAAHP as they say lol!) I will say this much for my own stories though when it comes to credibility; I’ve definitely improved with time, which is something everyone continues to do no matter how good they are to start off. So I’m not sure what that means for my first and second book, but I’ve tried and do try my best to put 110% into every story I’ve written. I just hope it shows. <3

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