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Romance Clickbait

I hate clickbait. No, wait, I loathe clickbait with every fiber of my being. Not only is it just annoying to come across, it’s pretty much the epitome of sensationalism, which is harmful. Sadly, as it’s come to pass, facebook is clickbait central, and I’ve gotten so tired of seeing these types of headlines I’ve unfollowed pages for linking such ads.

And they’re all the same thing (which is why it’s so annoying). For example, you’re scrolling and see, “This man was struggling to keep his job, but what his wife does to help is brilliant!” Or you’ll see, “High school student tries to help a kid being bullied. What happens next will shock you!”

And I’m just sitting here like “Make it stop, make it stop, MAKE IT STOP!” Sure, the stories (in some cases) are true, and some of them are probably really good tales that could make your day. But the fact that a third party is trying to make money off of them just … UGH.


Anyway, clickbait is nothing new, and it’s not really something I came here to talk about in specific. In fact, this is kind of a spur of the moment post I wanted to make because I’ve been seeing a specific type of clickbait lately, and good lord, I’m seriously hoping it’s not becoming the newest trend in book marketing; Romance Clickbait.

Basically, I’ll scroll down my dash now, and see a promotional image for some book with the caption, “This single dad will melt your heart, AND your panties!” Or “Alpha male seeking mate won’t give up, and drives women wild!” You know, if this is the new and acceptable way to market your books, consider me content to sit in obscurity with a handful of readers because I’d rather shoot myself in the foot than have ads like “Draconian seeking curse box stumbles across strange mortal. What happens next will amaze you!” =\

Though, that is kind of funny when I think about it. “Stray lupine wanders into city. What alpha does to help her is swoonworthy!” Or “All this mage wants is her staff, but the one her demon companion offers isn’t the one she expected–and she’s not complaining!”

Okay, I’ve got tears in my eyes from that last one.

But what does everyone think? Is this method of advertising actually acceptable, or should books promoted in this manner be blacklisted and erased from all human memory? (Even as I write this, I’m still laughing at that last phony headline for The Final Calling! XD) Let me know!

Cheers! :D

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2 thoughts on “Romance Clickbait

  1. I hate, hate, hate those ads. Instead of getting my interest to buy the book, they put me off and I won’t even bother reading the blurb. I also hate those smexy covers with the naked male torso oiled up to within an inch of its life, abs strong enough to crack open a nut, tattoos galore and porn lighting. Excuse me while I yawn and run away.
    Are readers REALLY swayed by those cheesy lines?
    I mean…REALLY???
    I guess a light, sexy, no plot line or feelings read is fine sometimes, like after a hard day or if you want to avoid a headache, but surely, a dull story can’t be very satisfying…

    1. Somehow, I missed this comment altogether. I’m going to have some words with wordpress soon. =|

      Anyway, I couldn’t agree more, and I’ll admit, seeing those types of ads anymore is an immediate block & ignore. I’ll find some other way of locating new books to read, k?

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