The Story So Far …

So, I’ve gotten some questions from a few readers recently that basically involve “how do you story?”, which I think was meant to be a compliment. My series now spans 6 books, and there are a lot of intricacies and plot threads branching out across them, some of which have caused readers to glare at me unforgivingly (i.e. “How could you do that to Edith you monster!?”) while others have yet to be explained. So I thought I’d make a few comments over these aspects of my books to answer the question, and deliver the answer in the for of thoughts from yours truly! :)

After all, what better way to glean insight, or drive readers even more crazy, than by posting my own personal (and sometimes silly) notes on each of my books? So, let’s get started!

bluemoon_med Blue Moon

   “What else is out there besides Werewolves? You mentioned pointed ears and stuff.”
   “We’re not Werewolves, Ashley. They’re different. But there’s a lot, maybe even everything you’ve ever heard of in a fairy tale and then some. Elves, fae, ghosts, vampires, demons,” [Cade] shrugged. “The list goes on a good ways.”
   Ashley took a deep breath, realizing that the pack hunting her wasn’t the only thing out there that could’ve killed her. It made her regret leaving home, and wish she could just have the job she’d taken in Atlanta and remain oblivious …

Author’s Thoughts:
• This story is largely an introduction into the series that might’ve taken me several years to complete.
• A poodle, Martin? Really?
• Leave it to Isaac to bring up lube and foreplay in the middle of a fight.
• What’s with that weird middle name there, Ulric? Note to self; explain in future book.
• Kind of sad I never got around to doing that prequel novella for Nicole and Mike!
Operation: Mixed Breed has probably been used by Hunter’s Moon at some point since this story.

Light of Dawn

   “I wish you knew more. I just can’t believe there’s this whole supernatural world out there and now I’m finding out I’m possibly a part of it, but can’t ask what that means.”
   “Not possibly,” Ulric corrected. “You are, and it just means you’re unique from other humans.”
   “What’s the good in being unique if it makes you a target?” Charlotte grumbled. “You know, if that’s why vampires are after me, and they’d killed me, I never would’ve even known it … ”

Author’s Thoughts:
• We should all be able to control our own fertility. Just sayin’.
• Isadora needs some lovin’ ASAP.
• Remind me never to shake Chandra’s hand in a deal.
• Ulric’s right. Mages probably do come up with ideas while hitting a pipe.
• When draconians go into Wrath, they get horny. Rimshot.
• Don’t worry, Isaac. You’ll find her soon. But not for another three books and nearly a year’s worth of timeline. *maniacal author laughter*

strangebrew_med Strange Brew

   When [Aislinn] was fifteen, she’d sneaked off to break into the mansion [at Braddock’s Estate] and see if she couldn’t conjure any spirits of past residents to try solving a local mystery about the disappearance of the previous owner, Abraham Braddock. But she didn’t get very far before Helen caught her.
   Her aunt was livid as well, and not because Aislinn had sneaked out late at night to go to a potentially dangerous place. Instead, Helen had argued
You don’t conjure the dead without aid! That’s like giving a cat a bath by yourself. Some spirits are friendly enough to let you, but most are just gonna get pissed and try to hurt you.

Author’s Thoughts:
• I really need to write a story about ghosts sometime. Maybe Annika’s story?
• The method of putting out penis-shaped candles is fucking hilarious.
• I wonder if Heather and Joe would hit it off … hmm … YA Novel?
• Limbo is really weird.
• O’where, o’where has Derick gone, o’where, o’where could he be?
• I wonder what secrets Sylva uncovered while she was floating around in Limbo … ?

fallenhearts_med Fallen Hearts

   ” […] I’m going to advocate your petition to start a new Vampire Order to The Crucible. You’ve both made good points about the way your kind govern themselves here, and I believe your request will be granted, provided you can obtain the proper backing.”
   Hearing this, Maddox let a relieved sigh. “Thank you, Ardilon.”

Author’s Thoughts:
• Mathias got swag.
The Dead God? What’s up with that nickname, Ardilon?
• Kivsey? WTF Y U LEAVE ME!? D:
• Wait … Heliger? What the hell are you doing over there?
• I guess Giroux got ahead of himself heh heh.
• So that’s why Lillian did the ritual there … welp.
• The nut fairy should be a real thing. I don’t know why. It just should.

Featured Image -- 1869 The Final Calling

   ““I do know the answer to another question you’ve asked.”
“What question?”
As if the City of Magic had something to do with his response, Arias looked out at the towering, marble spires raising toward the sky, then focused on her and smiled.
“He has never forgotten you.”
It was a completely simple, yet entirely cryptic response, but Chandra’s gut clenched regardless. Thankfully, centuries of hiding her emotions— or suppressing them with magic— allowed her to mask the reaction and ask indifferently, “He? Who might that be?”
“Perhaps we’ll meet again when you find out … ”

Author’s Thoughts:
• No, seriously, Arias, who the FUCK are you talking about? D:
• Dra’Kai is a boss.
• What is the difference between a fairy and a sprite? =\
• Not sure what’s weirder; Arias’ and Ardilon’s apparent feud, or Arias and Ardilon themselves.
• Rothario has a nose for trouble. Or he used to … :D
• No, seriously, Dra’Kai is a boss.

huntersmoon Hunter’s Moon

   “Ever since high school, it’s just been one bad date after another.”
“Why high school? Have a lot of boyfriends?”
“Nope, just one, Eric Sullivan. He was really nice, a born warlock actually. Caleb used to call him string bean because he was so tall and skinny.”
Sara snickered at the memory, yet her expression turned solemn when she related, “But he moved away, so … ”

Author’s Thoughts:
• Sara really needs her own story.
• Adriana deserves a carousel, seriously.
• Travis cracks me up.
• Pretty sure Hobbs has a bunny farm at home with baby rabbits everywhere.
• The carnival. The carnival!
• I think Nacho needs a friend. How about a beagle? :D

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