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It occurred to me the other day that I hadn’t finished a few random odd jobs I’d wanted to do, and I started diddling with them between working on Book Seven of The Crucible Series (yeah, I posted a pesky teaser a few weeks ago and haven’t actually confirmed anything there yet. Author’s prerogative :P). One of these odd jobs was getting a more detailed image of the pantheon up (you know, the gods and goddesses lording over the universe in my series, which would technically be me, right? I dunno lol!).


A few of these deities have been discussed over the course of the series, for example, Edith mentioned Mias and Mia to Isaac in The Final Calling, and Chandra mentioned Aea to Charlotte in Light of Dawn. We’ve also heard a few things about Peros in relation to Perosian Demons, and I’ve mentioned Ardios in the preface of Blue Moon. So I finally got around to making a chart showing the various deities of The Pantheon, which you can find below! :)


Sadly, I couldn’t post the full size image (too big) so this one may be a bit hard to read. But never fear! I’m here to hold your hand while you look over this random listing of divine entities which may or may not be responsible for all life in the universe!

But! Before I get started with the list, I wanted to note the “???’s” inside of some of the circles. Why are there ???’s, you may ask? Well, there could be a number of reasons. Maybe I don’t have a name for the deity yet, or maybe the deity is largely unknown. It may also be that the deity involved is part of a larger spoiler I’m not yet ready to reveal.

Lastly, it could be a combination of these reasons! You just never know :D

So! With that said, here’s the list!

Greater Gods
(outer circle) going clockwise from the top;

Nayala – Goddess of Life
Velias – God of Magic
Peros – God of Darkness
Avoros – God of Hate
Ineyad – God of Death
Athara – Goddess of Love
Udana – Goddess of Light
Satora – Goddess of Wisdom

Lesser Gods
(middle circle) going clockwise from the top right;

Ynarion – God of Inspiration
Kit – Goddess of Mystery
Lerces – God of Vengeance
Xila – Goddess of War
Nemus – God of Peace
??? – God of Justice
Ardios – God of Mastery
??? – Goddess of Prosperity

Minor Gods
(inner circle) going clockwise from the top;

Esiana – Goddess of Nature
??? – God of Hope
Mias & Mia – Moon Deities
??? – God of Fear
Pivar – God of Transcendence
??? – Goddess of Desire
Aea – Goddess of the Sun
??? – Goddess of Foresight

Elemental Pantheon
(interior diamond) going clockwise from the top;

Relios – God of Earth
Enara – Goddess of Water
Inatra – Goddess of Storms
Virion – God of Spirit
Nalx – God of Fire
Deles – Goddess of Air

As for that last little circle in the center with the ???’s, no, that’s not a typo, but if I revealed what/who/why it is, I’d have to exert my divine influence and make you forget immediately after you learned the reason it’s there. Again, author’s prerogative :P!

The last note is that the placement of these deities on this chart was done by relation. For example, the goddess of light would be in the same area as the sun goddess obviously. Justice is between light and love while vengeance is between darkness and hate. I wouldn’t go as far as to say this means the lesser gods are the “sum of two parts”, but there is a connection, and I like to make things seem at least marginally more sensible than just randomizing the information.

I also realize that listing the names in this manner is really, well, uninformative. It makes this pantheon look like nothing more than a list of names on a page with no legitimacy, which is one of the reasons I hesitated to post this. However, I have mentioned some of these deities in the series, and because we haven’t gotten a chance to learn more yet, it seemed like a good idea to say a little on the matter.

So, despite the fact that little has been explored of this Pantheon to date, it does actually play a bigger part in the universe at large (and without handing out spoilers, we might be learning more about them in Book Seven). The Crucible, after all, is an organization of “divine beings” (Ardilon mentions that “The Gods call us Aethrene,” and these would be the same group of gods he’s referring to of course) so we’ll eventually run into more information concerning them.

Happy Holidays everyone!!! :)

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