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New Year, New Ideas!

So, with 2016 drawing to a close, and 2017 just beginning, we’ve got some time to make some new resolutions, right? Well, if you’re the type anyway, and I actually managed to fulfill my resolutions! For 2016, I wanted to get two books published, The Final Calling, and Hunter’s Moon, which are out now, hooray! But with a new year rolling around, I have the chance to get a jump start in the writing arena.

I’ll admit, I’ve already done this as well, having shoveled quite a bit of sand into Book Seven so far, and I should be able to make a more solid announcement on that in the coming weeks (aside from that pesky teaser image I posted anyway). I also recall mentioning my plans for putting together another box set of my books sometime soon, and despite some progress, I’m still trying to set up my paperbacks on Amazon.

So here’s a little update on the previous post I made concerning my paperback books; After struggling with KDP’s technical support to get the issues with Strange Brew’s book fixed, I was finally notified that they went in to change the settings manually, and all should be good to go now. So I went to check, and while the technical team had set the book’s trim size to the proper settings, they left the print color to creme paper instead of changing it to white.

Needless to say, I’m not impressed with KDP’s tech support right now.

But I haven’t been able to email them about the problem yet (holidays get busy you know), so I’ll be doing that first thing in the new year, and once again, I’ll keep you all updated on the progress. At this point, I’m just wondering how many times they’ll mess up before getting things right.

Lastly, I also have some ideas for a few holiday novella’s to write, though I have no idea when I’ll be able to get any of them underway, so that’s a huge TBA!

In the meantime, I hope you’re all having a happy new year, and I’ll be by to post updates on everything as they come! Cheers! :D

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