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Writer’s Playlist!

With the new year rolling in around the world, I wanted to stop by and make a random post that could be interesting if you’re a music lover, or a writer looking for inspiration. I happen to be both, and I’ve accumulated a number of songs on my playlists that usually inspire my muse when she’s down, or just help my day flow easier.

That aside, I’ve been asked on occasion what tunes I listen to when I write, or if I even listen to anything at all, and the answer is yes and no. Some songs I listen to during the writing process, usually if they don’t have lyrics. Others I just listen to at random for inspiration of ideas. Either way, I wanted to share some of these songs here, and even thought I might list what parts of my stories I’ve come to associate them with the most.

So here’s a list of 10 songs (I wouldn’t say they’re my favorites, but they’re some of the most listened to on my list) that helps me get the ball rolling, and you might also enjoy! (Please note; I’m not associated with any of these bands or musicians in any way, and I haven’t been paid or otherwise prompted to share their music. This list is purely of my own making for everyone’s enjoyment!)

1. Two Steps From Hell – Starfall

If anyone’s surprised by the amount of Two Steps From Hell that’s on my playlist, they’ve obviously never listened to this group before. This song in particular has a nicely magical, earthy sound, and I listened to it a great deal when writing about the lupines in my series. Perhaps, because of this, it will forever remind me of Cade, Ashley, and just anyone in the Arkin City Pack, but it also reminds me of my attempts to become a self published author altogether since Blue Moon was the first book I ever published.

2. Two Steps From Hell – Skyworld

Yet another pick by TSFH, Skyworld is an epic tune that’s good for writing action sequences. On a personal note, I associate this song with my draconians, largely because I listened to it a ton while writing Light of Dawn, but also because, in my mind, it suits them. So Ulric, this one’s for you, hah! :)

3 & 4. Alice Francis – St. James Ballroom & Tape Five – Dixie Biscuit

These are some of the songs on my playlist with lyrics that I really enjoy. To be honest, I don’t specifically find them inspiring along the lines of writing, but one thing they help with is keeping me focused when I’m working on books covers or just creating a new design for my website, etc.. As a side note, I’d definitely suggest these tunes if you’re into Swing! :P

5. Two Steps From Hell – After the Fall

And we’re back to TSFH again! Unlike the last two songs on the list, and even the previous two TSFH songs, this one is much more mellow, and in a way (I think) romantic. It also reminds me (personally) of witchcraft for reasons I can’t say, though I will admit to listening to it a lot while writing Strange Brew–particularly during Aislinn’s dance! :3

6. AudioMachine – Nordica

This one’s short, only about 2 minutes long, but it packs an epic punch, and unlike some other songs, it actually makes me think of a single character in my series before the group he’s associated with; Ardilon, a.k.a. The Dead God. That said, it’s so short I usually put it on repeat whenever I listen to it, just to squeeze a few more minutes of enjoyment out of it! :)

7. Gabrielle Aapri – Weeping Willow

Who likes slow, hauntingly enchanting piano tunes? I certainly do, and this is actually a new addition to my playlist that I’ve dearly enjoyed. When I first heard this song, it was actually playing on someone’s tumblr blog, but like a fist to the gut, the moment I heard it, I knew I wanted it. Why? It reminded me hands down of the austere sorceress, Chandra, and helped me to develop parts of her backstory that I hadn’t quite thought of yet. In any case, every time I listen to this melody, I get chills, and I hope you guys find it just as inspiring!

8. West One Music – Fantasy Chorale

If you’re looking for a song filled with wonder, look no further. This is another melody that causes chills, and I can’t help but imagine the vast exploration of a world I didn’t know existed before whenever I listen to it. Additionally, I’ve found a great deal of inspiration for the fae in my series with this tune.

9. Apocalyptica – The Unforgiven

This one’s possibly an “oldie but goodie”. Or at least, it’s probably one of the oldest songs on my playlist, and I’ve listened to it while writing on numerous occasions, going much farther back than my current series. If anyone knows Apocalyptica, then they know the orchestral sound that this song employs, and I’ve personally come to associate it with numerous things, yet nothing more so than one of my characters, being Arias.

10. Panic! At The Disco – Emperor’s New Clothes

I won’t say I saved the best for last, but this one has a special place in my heart. I actually hadn’t heard it until I was writing The Final Calling last year when a friend said, “This song makes me think of Isaac so much!” So I listened to it, and at first, I didn’t actually make the connection. However, my obliviousness didn’t last long, and I soon realized it made me think of him as well. The shameless Perosian has been around since Blue Moon and before this song even came out, but it was “instrumental” in inspiring me! :)

Happy New Year! :D

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