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The Crucible Series Book 7: Fated Fortunes Cover Reveal & Synopsis


The Crucible Paranormal Romance Series Book Seven: Fated Fortunes

Dalris Dra’Kai has served as the Terran head of his Draconian House for many long years, assigning jobs, collecting payments, and conducting family affairs. It’s a responsibility he takes seriously, though lately he’s longed for something more fulfilling than organizing business matters—and a good start would be finding his eternal mate.

But eight lonely centuries hasn’t offered much hope, and it isn’t until an unexpected encounter with a mysterious figure from his recent past that Dalris learns his mate isn’t what she seems. Furthermore? She’s on a treasure hunt of her own, but the prize she seeks isn’t riches or esteem … .

Jada Tavar has dedicated her life to finishing her grandfather’s work, and the elven antiquarian wasn’t searching for just any mundane treasure. Instead, he sought the true fate of the lost House of Rinora, a dangerous quest that inevitably cost his life. So the last thing Jada needs is a centuries-old draconian recognizing her as his mate, specifically when elves are forbidden from mating with their kind.

But Dalris is seductively persistent, and she finds the draconian more than just a little intriguing. His wicked promises and passionate kisses are impossible to ignore, and the closer they get, the more Jada wants him in her life. Yet the conclusion of her quest may reveal a truth that would condemn their fated connection for all time.

Estimated Release: Spring 2017


I think it was painfully obvious from my teaser on this book that we were returning to the world of draconians and House Dra’Kai. So here’s the official confirmation; we’re returning to the world of draconians and House Dra’Kai! Hooray!–particularly if you were a fan of Light of Dawn/Ulric and Charlotte.

Now, the eldest brother is getting his story, and I’m personally excited to finally introduce the elves of my series here with Jada Tavar.

I also wanted to mention this while I’m giving away tiny hints and tidbits on what’s to come; I’ve been told that one of the good things about my books is how subtle the world building is. Readers don’t have to break their brains to understand what’s going on. I also want to make certain each of my books are written as stand alones so you can pretty much break into the series with whichever book you chose, and not have to worry about either spoilers for other books, or just trying to keep up with what’s going on because you haven’t read the story “up to now”.

Fated Fortunes is definitely a stand alone as well, however, this book is really going to plunge into things with lore, myths, and some history, at least as far as the world of Ithelyon is concerned. In fact, I made a post on my facebook page a few months ago saying I’d realized I was probably going to have to include a world map of Ithelyon with this story, but whether or not I can/will, I will definitely be posting up a map on my website with a list of the places visited in this book, because we go to quite a few.

I wanted to mention this just because I feel like my series is at a point where things are starting to get much larger than the seeds planted in Blue Moon. I’ve always wanted a series with stories that are vastly different, that way, if one book isn’t satisfying, the reader might find another that’s more up their alley. The Final Calling, for example, was quite an adventure, while Hunter’s Moon took us back to a small, southern town. Fated Fortunes, on the other hand, is going to involve some traveling, and I’m extremely eager to see where it will all go! :)

I’m aiming for a May release with this one, but time will tell whether or not I can get it out any sooner than that. So in the meantime, thanks so much everyone for your continued support! It means the world!

Cheers! :D

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