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Strange Brew Paperback Update

So, some of you know about the trouble I’ve been having with KDP’s new paperback option and trying to get my third book, Strange Brew, added to it. But some of you don’t, and instead of simply providing a link to the previous post I made concerning this issue, I’m going to do an entire summary right here because I’ll admit, I’m not entirely certain where to go from here.

So basically, I need help! If anyone’s so inclined to offer suggestions that is.

At the end of November, I started preparing the files for Strange Brew’s paperback to be converted from Createspace and added to KDP. I’d done this with both Blue Moon and Light of Dawn with no troubles; it was a simple matter of providing the ISBN and allowing the program to pull the information for each title through and adding it to KDP and voila! Here’s a nice shiny paperback version!

But when I got to Strange Brew, things weren’t so simple.

I have my books set to a particular trim size and print color for the pages, and naturally, with these books belonging to the same series, I’d like to have some uniformity between the paperbacks; they should all be the same size and have the same page colors. However, when I pulled Strange Brew from Createspace, the size and print color options on KDP didn’t match. The book was a few inches smaller and the print was set to cream paper instead of white.

So why not change the settings, you may ask. Well, KDP doesn’t allow you to once a book has been pulled through from Createspace. All of the print settings on converted books are locked in, meaning I was stuck and had to contact their support teams.

How did that go? I won’t lie; not so well.

The first message I received pretty much ignored my problem altogether. I’d explained that the options were not what Createspace listed for the book, yet this guy suggested, “You can either leave the trim size and paper type as is to match the setting which were pulled through from CreateSpace … ”

Oh, pardon me, because you know, I can’t read the options I picked for my own book and compare them to KDP to see that the actually weren’t pulled through correctly, nor did I actually detail this as being the problem when I emailed you. *Sigh*

So I sent another message, and thankfully, the lady who responded was much more helpful. She escalated the problem and over the course of two weeks (while sending me an update in between), informed me of the progress of fixing the book’s errors. Finally, in the middle of December, I got a message stating that the problems had been fixed, and I should check my account for review and make certain everything was in order.

So I did, but only half the problem had been corrected.

The book was now set to the proper size, yet the page color was still set to cream instead of white. Trust me, at this point, my hair was lying on the floor because I’d pulled it all out.

Before I continue with this huge mess of a problem, allow me to note that the biggest problem with these emails is there’s no option to reply directly to the support member who’d been working on the case. The only option you have is to report on how they did (an option I haven’t taken yet because I’ve been so frustrated with this whole thing and also, the holidays were around, leaving me with little time to properly articulate a review).

So I ignored that option, and finally sent another inquiry stating that only half the problem had been fixed. What response did I get?

This; “Regarding the email you’ve sent us I did some research and asked our technical team and unfortunately that option cannot be changed since it is locked. The option I can offer you if you really would like to change the paper color is to re-publish your paperback again with a new KDP free ISBN. And after you do it you can let us know so we can link the reviews from the old paperback to the new one, so you still will keep the reviews.”


So, a couple questions here;

A. If the options are locked and you’re unable to change them, then how, oh how, did the previous tech support member manage to change the book’s trim size, which was also locked?

B. Again, I can’t reply directly to this guy, so even if I wanted to republish and keep my reviews, how the hell would I do that?

At this point, I’m so fed up with the run around that I’m contemplating doing one of three things;

1. I leave Strange Brew on Createspace, which means keeping it at $17.00 instead of bringing it down to a much more reasonable $13.99.

2. I sacrifice uniformity and bring it through to KDP with cream colored paper and knock the price down.

3. I unpublish the book, lose the reviews I’ve accumulated (at this point, I don’t trust KDP’s support teams to properly link the reviews), and put the paperback on KDP with the proper size and print settings and at a lower price.

4. I submit a new ticket pointing out how the paperback’s trim size was locked and changed, so the print color shouldn’t be beyond their control to edit either.

5. I take all my books off of KDP and spite them by getting traditionally published.

#5 is the extreme, impractical option obviously lol! :)

Anyway, option #3 might be the best bet. Strange Brew has only accumulated 4 reviews on Amazon overall, so it’s not as if I’d be axing a huge number. Yet even those 4 reviews are helpful in getting my book the type of promotion it needs if anyone’s going to see it (although I’ll admit, it’s nowhere near enough to get Amazon’s algorithms to suggest the book to readers in searches) and I’m reluctant to axe what my readers have said about my book.

Anyway, that’s what’s going on right now (among numerous other things I haven’t updated and need to but just haven’t quite found the time for it yet). So if anyone has any suggestions, let me know! I’d be glad to entertain them! Thanks so much!


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2 thoughts on “Strange Brew Paperback Update

  1. If you do end up losing your reviews, I would be happy to re-post mine. I completely understand your frustration and hope you can get this fixed without gaining too many more gray hairs… :)

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