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Ask Your Favorite Character!


Heeeeeeeeeeey guys! Got something fun here for everyone! You see, I’d been kicking around the idea of doing some character interviews, but I’d never managed to get around to it for two reasons, though one of them is a little bigger than the other–I had no idea what kinds of questions they needed to be asked. Combine that with a lack of time, and whoa … it wasn’t coming along easily.

That’s when I had the thought; why not let readers ask them questions? So that’s precisely what I’m going to do! :)

Would you like to ask Cade why he keeps a beard? Or maybe ask Isaac for dating advice? All characters are available for questioning, so don’t hold back!

Now, with that said, there are just a few caveats!;

1. This is (obviously) for entertainment purposes only!
2. I reserve the right to ignore any question(s) I feel are unacceptable, or may provide “spoilery” information.
3. Feel free to ask as many questions as you’d like! However, they may not all be answered at once. Depending upon the volume of questions asked, I may have to split them up into sessions!
4. When asking your question,
PLEASE SPECIFY which character is being asked!
5. Have fun! :D

If having a little fun isn’t incentive enough, then I should also add this; I’ll be keeping an eye out for my favorite questions, and offering a free book of choice to the questionnaires via coupon code on Smashwords!

So send those questions in by commenting on this post, or, if you don’t have an account, fill out the form below!

Thanks guys! I hope you have fun! :D


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