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2017 Promises Lots of New Things!

I won’t lie, as we’ve gotten further into the year, I’ve realized 2017 is going to bring about a lot of new stuff, at least, as far as my projects in writing are concerned! I have quite a number of plans, and though progress is going slowly at current (we’re struggling financially right now due to a few layoffs with work in our household) it’s coming along, and I thought I might go ahead and share something that’s still largely a work in progress.

What would that be? Why, it’s a map document! In fact, this is the first in a set of three maps I’m planning to release with Fated Fortunes (as I mentioned before, this book is going to really start digging into Ithelyon and some of the world’s lore). This map in specific is of Onoria, which would be the kingdom of elves in The Crucible Series.

With that said, a number of things are subject to change before I release the final version of this document, which is why I’m not offering this for download on my website just yet. It’s also a somewhat large PDF file, but this contains both a flat, bordered map, and a topographical map, not to mention a bit of text describing the region in question. Adobe Acrobat is also needed to view it (or some equivalent program), and with that said, I really hope you guys enjoy! :D


I’d also appreciate feedback if anyone has a moment! Thanks again, and maybe this will tide some of you over while you’re waiting for Fated Fortunes? :)



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