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Fated Fortunes Excerpt

Before I share this excerpt with you guys, let me say this; I searched high and low for a good snippet to share, but I swear I couldn’t find anything that wouldn’t either give away too much, or just leave you guys in the dark without more context to go by. So, with that said, I’m not just going to share a piece of a chapter. Nope, you guys are getting a chapter in full.

Because of this, I’ve decided to upload a PDF file because formatting the text to post up here is just … whoa, that’s a lot! But here’s a short tidbit to wet your whistle …

      Jada hated how swift Dalris was, particularly considering his large size. He also seemed to remember her ploy thirty years ago, and anticipated her attempt to misdirect him to the front doors when she’d actually decided to run upstairs.
      But despite the difficulties, she managed to disappear from sight and open a portal without interference, quickly entering it to find herself in a cavern lit by moonlight filtering in through a crack in the rock ceiling above.
      Now in Ithelyon, she smiled brightly, storing Morwin’s tome and the portal stone in her pouch before lifting both hands to dust them together and say all in a day’s work—just as her body pitched forward with a large, pissed off draconian at her back …

Click the image below to get the rest! :)


I may be able to make a text post of this excerpt later, but for now, I’m a bit strapped for time. In any case, I really hope you enjoy this tidbit!

Before I go, I needed to note that my website just got a huge revamp! There’s new content coming soon there as well (this blog has a new background now woo hoo!), and additionally, if you’ve been using the contact page on this blog to send me messages, it’s now moved here!

Thanks a lot guys, and hope you have a great week! Cheers!


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