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Ask a Character – First Q&A Session

To: Chandra, From: Cuppa Jo

Question: So Chandra, you are slayin’ it — as always. Your taste is flawless. So help a holiday-deprived girl out. If you could have your pick of any getaway destinations, spas, resorts, skiing, shopping etc., where would you go and would you invite me? *puppy eyes*

Answer: A single, slender brow arched over one of the sorceress’ piercing eyes, her impassive mien making it difficult to surmise what she might’ve thought of the query in general. Yet she didn’t deny the questioner an answer, and stated it flatly.

“I wouldn’t know where to go in Terra. I’ve spent little time there, and harbor no interest in vacationing in the mortal world. But in Ithelyon, I’d visit the Novidosian hot springs. The surrounding jungles are quite lush and the nearby draconian city of Novidos is renowned for it’s large marketplace.”

Idly inspecting her manicured nails, she added just as plainly, “As for whether I’d invite you, the answer is no. But you might thank me for that considering the number of basilisks inhabiting the area. A mortal such as yourself wouldn’t last long if bitten.”


To: Isaac, From: Anonymous

Question: So, do you think Rothario is sorry-o that he messed with you?

Answer: A long pause of silence ensued the question, that was, aside from a single, heavy thump. The cause of the sound was the demon’s head hitting the desk next to his microphone, his shoulders vibrating with silent laughter.

But Isaac was soon to recover well enough to speak, and lifted his head to respond.

“Holy. shit. Who the fuck are you and can I buy you a goddamned drink? But the answer is yeah, I think the fucknut’s pretty sorry he didn’t kill me when he had the chance. Oh, and something else I heard is that he had a nose for trouble, but, well … ”

Trailing, the demon grinned wickedly, drawing out, “Not anymore.”


Author’s Note: Thanks so much for sending these questions in! They cracked me up, particularly the one for Isaac! I hope you guys enjoy the answers! Sadly, there aren’t any winners this time around, but maybe next time? :D

If you’d like to send in questions of your own, visit the Ask a Character page on my website! :)


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