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New Terminology Definitions

I know what you’re thinking; the terminology page on my website is long enough already. Well, it just got a little longer. I mentioned updating it in a previous post, but I thought it might be a good idea to list some of the new definitions here just to make things easier on everyone! :)

For those of you who’ve read The Final Calling, you’ll notice a number of these terms were featured in that book. For those of you who’ve read all of my stories, you’ll realize several of these have never been mentioned before at all. This is because some of the information will be featured in the upcoming Fated Fortunes (you can download an excerpt here) and I wanted to have these things ready to go once the story is out. :D

Aeonic Well: A mystical well located in Mystikkar that powers a mage’s spells and magic. This well is said to be a divine construct gifted to Mystikkar by the God of Magic, Velias.

Cordivus: An archaic token used to refer to one of two things; either a person chosen as a vessel to carry the essence of a deity, or a deity who’s taken physical form. It’s unclear if the word was originally meant to refer to both definitions, or just one.

Divinity: What most supernatural races call heaven.

Ithelyon: A sister realm to Terra with similar climates and landscapes. Minor difference exist in the length of the year, as well as the change of the seasons, and Ithelyon is a world of magical technology, not scientific. Several races hail from this world, including draconians, elves, and gnomes.

Nightfall: The newly established Order of Vampires.

Peros: The God of Darkness and creator of the Perosians, who are now considered demons after their God’s purported fall from Divinity.

Portal Sphere: A sphere enchanted to open a portal to a preset realm. Taking these spheres to the realm they connect with will cancel their magic and make a new enchantment necessary.

Portal Stone: A stone enchanted to open a portal to a preset realm. These stones have limited charges, but unlike the spheres, stones may be taken with the user to their destination without canceling their magic.

Skyriders: A militant draconian organization the raises and flies drakes in defense of their cities and territories. They also do work for outside parties if the price is right.

Spire Shard: A small shard of any building housing a Spire, enchanted to teleport a user to the same Spire the fragment came from. These shards can only be acquired from a Spire, and are only good for one use. Once the charge is depleted, they must be returned to the Spire for a recharge.

Terra: Formal name of the mortal world/Earth.

Third Eye: A magician’s spell in which a magical orb resembling an eye is summoned. This eye can travel short distances under the magician’s control, and whatever it sees and hears, the magician also knows.

Transit Sphere: A sphere enchanted to teleport someone to a preset destination. Unlike transit stones, spheres are not teleported with the user.

Transit Stone: A stone enchanted to teleport someone to a preset destination, and the stone teleports with the user. Most stones have limited charges, but those that don’t sacrifice an unlimited teleporting range for power. In order to set the stone’s anchor point, a user must first visit the location they wish for their sphere to connect with.

Udana: The Goddess of Light and creator of Elves, said to be a loving but strict deity.

Velias: The God of Magic and patron deity of mages.

You can read more at the terminology page! :)


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