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The Greater Gods of The Pantheon (The Crucible Series)

So, I realize I’ve been extremely quiet here lately. But with Fated Fortunes very close to release (I’ll have an announcement on the exact date and preordering available soon now!) and some other projects at hand (some of which I’ll be updating in this post) it’s left me without much time to do any steady blogging. So, without further ado, I thought I’d share a few things over The Pantheon in my series.

Some of you may remember the post I made with the chart of The Pantheon a while back now which listed the major deities in my series.  Well!  The images above are going to be used on a page of my website pretty soon now if I can get all of the information together in a timely manner, and I’m intending to giving away just a few minor tidbits there.  After all, a number of these deities have stories that will end up coming to light during the course of the series, and some have already been revealed, at least in part.  For example, we know that Peros created the Perosian Demons (the race Isaac belongs to) and that Velias is the patron deity of mages/Mystikkar.  These two gods will get a bit of discussion in Fated Fortunes, as will Udana for currently hush-hush reasons!  :P

Anyway, as for those updates I mentioned, the first is that this blog will be moving pretty soon.  Or at least, the major posts concerning my books will be heading to my website!  This blog is currently under construction, but it’s functioning well enough now that you can follow if you like, though I haven’t managed to migrate many of my posts there yet!  In any case, and again, this blog won’t be shutting down, but I’ll be using my website more and more frequently as time goes on, so there’s a head’s up!

The last update (for now!) is that I have a new tumblr blog!  So if any of you use tumblr, feel free to give me a follow!  :)

So! That’s it for now, and I hope you guys enjoy the new stuff! :D Cheers!


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