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The First Kiss

Heya guys! Hope your Spring is going well and that you’re planning to make some big waves during Summer! Personally, I can’t say Summer’s my favorite time of year (I’m much more of an Autumn/Winter girl), but I’ve got my own stuff laid out! Including this brand new, shiny post wee!

So, as some of you know, I’ve been writing in the romance genre for … actually, I’m not quite sure how long it’s been. I remember coming up with stories in high school, and I refuse to say how long ago that was now (it’ll depress me too much). But let’s just say it’s been “several years”, and in that time, I’ve been met with many successes and failures along the lines of plotting and planning, yet I’ve come to realize there’s one consistency that seems to ring true throughout the genre aside from the HEA.

What might that be, you ask?

It’s the first time your intended couple draws in close for a peck on the lips. The first kiss is a pivotal moment in any romance, and it stands out more than the first look, the first love scene, and even the first confession of love. All of these moments are essential to any romance of course (unless you’re writing a clean romance, but even then, there might be a moment that alludes to the couple getting it on, so … ), but the first kiss outweighs them.

It may be short, it may be aggressive, or it may be intended as a joke with no strings attached. But that moment is the one that opens doorways to an infinite number of possibilities for these characters. It’s a physical expression of love, a discovery, and the spark of a flame all rolled into one, even if the couple doesn’t precisely realize it at the time. The first kiss is a moment that can make your characters think, “What if?”, regardless of how rocky or adversarial their relationship has been up to then.

Perhaps they’ve been enemies all their lives, and some forced proximity accidentally brings them within smooching distance. Regardless of the immediate, outward reaction (she slaps him with a quickly demanded, “How dare you?”, or he informs her that her interpretation of his intentions was sorely mistaken) on the inside, these two are screaming, much like pterodactyls. What have I done? What could this mean? What does s/he think of me now? Why did I enjoy it? Could this go even further?

Outside, they cover it up, laugh it off, pretend it was just a meaningless trick, a method of distraction, or even just a playful attempt at getting attention. But inside?

So the first kiss is extremely important regardless of when it comes and the other activities the couple may have already engaged in. It encompasses pieces of all the other firsts, and gets the ball rolling toward a solid union and the book’s HEA.

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments! Also, keep your eyes peeled because I have a new reveal incoming pretty soon! Cheers! :)

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