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The Crucible Series Book 9: Tempting Eternity Cover Reveal & Synopsis

The Crucible Paranormal Romance Series Book Nine: Tempting Eternity

As one of the first vampires created by the original five thousand years ago, time has taken it’s toll on Mathias, weathering him until nothing seems like a surprise anymore. Yet even he isn’t prepared for a chance encounter with a fae who proves to have a lover’s blood link.

For a vampire, such a connection is a fevered, hopeless fantasy. None have blood as sweetly enticing as the fae, but they’d never survive the turning, making it imperative to resist Isadora’s charms, otherwise put her very life at risk.

Yet distancing himself from the beguiling fae isn’t so easy.

Nearly killed by one of her own sisters, the last thing Isadora expects to hear is that a vampire saved her life while she was vulnerable—no being poses more of a lethal threat to the fae. Even more troubling is knowing she’ll have to seek his help to have any hope of saving her fae sisters from the control of a powerful witch.

But though the ancient vampire should be feared, Isadora finds Mathias compelling, pricking her innate curiosity in a way she’s never experienced. Ignoring such intrigue is impossible, and the more she learns, the more quickly her feelings turn into heavy attraction, tempting her to do the impossible—spend eternity with a vampire.

Estimated Release: Summer 2018

Flash Sale!

To celebrate Tempting Eternity’s cover reveal, from now until April 3rd, 10 copies of Strange Brew and Fated Fortunes are completely FREE (only at Smashwords)!

Author’s Notes

Let me start this by explaining the reason Strange Brew and Fated Fortunes are on sale with this announcement, and it’s pretty simple: their stories are the most closely related to this book’s. Some loose ends are going to be tied up in Tempting Eternity, and specifically, Fated Fortunes got this book (and what we see in the synopsis) started.

Now, let’s get a little more into the story. Those of you who’ve read this series know that each book features a different couple, and when I say different, I mean we get a different “species” each time. There’s been a lupine and a human, a draconian and a fae, a Perosian and a mage, and so on. But Tempting Eternity is going to pair two beings together that are polar opposites, and when I had the idea for this story, the very first thought that came to mind was “A vampire and a fae? That’s impossible.”

The second thought was, “Challenge accepted.”

Mathias was introduced in Fallen Hearts, and we learned that though vampires and draconians don’t get along, he’s good friends with Dalris Dra’Kai (Fated Fortunes). Isadora (from Light of Dawn and very briefly mentioned in Fallen Hearts) is also a close friend of Dalris, and that’s where it all begins. As for the reason Strange Brew relates so closely to this book, that’s something left to be seen! :D

There’s one other character who’s been mentioned pretty regularly throughout the series who’ll finally make an appearance in this book, and I can’t say I’m not happy to finally have the chance to write them into a story. So things are coming along, and I’m excited to share this book once it’s all done!


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