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Isaac Sketch

isaacsketch I’m not sure if I ever posted about this here, but I know I mentioned it on facebook. Anyway, the same artist I’m commissioning to draw Chandra had drawn a sketch of Isaac several weeks back (to the left) and UGH. I am floored. Just completely floored by this image.

She calls it a WIP, but I was too happy not to ask if I could share the image, so behold, a very accurate Isaac sketch that makes yours truly giddy with excitement! It’s all too fitting that I’m posting this on Friday the 13th too because that’s probably Isaac’s favorite day of the year.

Speaking of which, it’s May 13th, and The Final Calling is coming out June 3rd. GO PREORDER BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE! LoL :P

Anyway, the artist sent me a “colored” image of this as well, but when I say “colored”, I mean she’d blotted some basics down, so I decided to simply share this line art. And then comment on how talented she is. No, really, you can see the talent. IT IS VISIBLE IN THIS IMAGE. And I can’t get over how wonderful a surprise this was when she sent it to me! Thank you, Jo!

Speaking of surprises, I’ve finally posted an image of myself up on my about page. Why did it take so long, you ask?

For one, I’m camera shy. For another, it’s not easy getting a decent looking picture of one’s self when they’re camera shy.

Lastly, even when I have decent pics, I’m extremely picky. =|

So yeaaaaah, it took me forever to get an image to share. But I’m sucking down my shyness and posting it here. No one gasp or anything. “Oh a brunette chick with blonde streaks and glasses, whoopdy doo.” Yeah, that’s me, one in a millio–er, I mean, like every 5 women? LoL

In any case, and before I get going, I thought to mention here (for anyone who may be interested and uses facebook) that I was planning on doing a biweekly giveaway (or maybe weekly, we’ll see) involving my books. And potentially some Amazon gift cards from time to time. But the deal is this; I make a post, and entrants like/comment to be entered to win one of my books (winner’s choice). I haven’t hammered the details out yet, but hey, FREE STUFF!

Everyone likes free stuff, amirite?

Let me know what you guys think! And I hope you all have a marvelous weekend! Cheers! :D

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Writing, Websites, and Titles

I want to apologize for my recent lack of activity, though it does seem like I do that pretty often here recently with everything going on not long after the new year started. But in any case, here I am with another update on writing, websites, and the actual title for the second book of The Crucible series! Continue reading “Writing, Websites, and Titles”