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Halloween Book Sale! (Up to 75% Off)

We all know Halloween is a time for ghosts, goblins, ghouls, and other things that go bump in the night. But it’s also a good time to curl up with a good book, and since I have a whole list of Paranormal Romances to offer, I thought I’d put ’em on sale for everyone! It’s not exactly candy, but hey, Trick or Treat! :P

So from now until Halloween, each book in The Crucible Series is only $1.00! This sale is available through Smashwords, and you can check the book list for more information on each title! :)

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2017 Promises Lots of New Things!

I won’t lie, as we’ve gotten further into the year, I’ve realized 2017 is going to bring about a lot of new stuff, at least, as far as my projects in writing are concerned! I have quite a number of plans, and though progress is going slowly at current (we’re struggling financially right now due to a few layoffs with work in our household) it’s coming along, and I thought I might go ahead and share something that’s still largely a work in progress.

What would that be? Why, it’s a map document! In fact, this is the first in a set of three maps I’m planning to release with Fated Fortunes (as I mentioned before, this book is going to really start digging into Ithelyon and some of the world’s lore). This map in specific is of Onoria, which would be the kingdom of elves in The Crucible Series.

With that said, a number of things are subject to change before I release the final version of this document, which is why I’m not offering this for download on my website just yet. It’s also a somewhat large PDF file, but this contains both a flat, bordered map, and a topographical map, not to mention a bit of text describing the region in question. Adobe Acrobat is also needed to view it (or some equivalent program), and with that said, I really hope you guys enjoy! :D


I’d also appreciate feedback if anyone has a moment! Thanks again, and maybe this will tide some of you over while you’re waiting for Fated Fortunes? :)



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Ask Your Favorite Character!


Heeeeeeeeeeey guys! Got something fun here for everyone! You see, I’d been kicking around the idea of doing some character interviews, but I’d never managed to get around to it for two reasons, though one of them is a little bigger than the other–I had no idea what kinds of questions they needed to be asked. Combine that with a lack of time, and whoa … it wasn’t coming along easily.

That’s when I had the thought; why not let readers ask them questions? So that’s precisely what I’m going to do! :)

Would you like to ask Cade why he keeps a beard? Or maybe ask Isaac for dating advice? All characters are available for questioning, so don’t hold back!

Now, with that said, there are just a few caveats!;

1. This is (obviously) for entertainment purposes only!
2. I reserve the right to ignore any question(s) I feel are unacceptable, or may provide “spoilery” information.
3. Feel free to ask as many questions as you’d like! However, they may not all be answered at once. Depending upon the volume of questions asked, I may have to split them up into sessions!
4. When asking your question,
PLEASE SPECIFY which character is being asked!
5. Have fun! :D

If having a little fun isn’t incentive enough, then I should also add this; I’ll be keeping an eye out for my favorite questions, and offering a free book of choice to the questionnaires via coupon code on Smashwords!

So send those questions in by commenting on this post, or, if you don’t have an account, fill out the form below!

Thanks guys! I hope you have fun! :D


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The Crucible Series Book 7: Fated Fortunes Cover Reveal & Synopsis


The Crucible Paranormal Romance Series Book Seven: Fated Fortunes

Dalris Dra’Kai has served as the Terran head of his Draconian House for many long years, assigning jobs, collecting payments, and conducting family affairs. It’s a responsibility he takes seriously, though lately he’s longed for something more fulfilling than organizing business matters—and a good start would be finding his eternal mate.

But eight lonely centuries hasn’t offered much hope, and it isn’t until an unexpected encounter with a mysterious figure from his recent past that Dalris learns his mate isn’t what she seems. Furthermore? She’s on a treasure hunt of her own, but the prize she seeks isn’t riches or esteem … .

Jada Tavar has dedicated her life to finishing her grandfather’s work, and the elven antiquarian wasn’t searching for just any mundane treasure. Instead, he sought the true fate of the lost House of Rinora, a dangerous quest that inevitably cost his life. So the last thing Jada needs is a centuries-old draconian recognizing her as his mate, specifically when elves are forbidden from mating with their kind.

But Dalris is seductively persistent, and she finds the draconian more than just a little intriguing. His wicked promises and passionate kisses are impossible to ignore, and the closer they get, the more Jada wants him in her life. Yet the conclusion of her quest may reveal a truth that would condemn their fated connection for all time.

Estimated Release: Spring 2017


I think it was painfully obvious from my teaser on this book that we were returning to the world of draconians and House Dra’Kai. So here’s the official confirmation; we’re returning to the world of draconians and House Dra’Kai! Hooray!–particularly if you were a fan of Light of Dawn/Ulric and Charlotte.

Now, the eldest brother is getting his story, and I’m personally excited to finally introduce the elves of my series here with Jada Tavar.

I also wanted to mention this while I’m giving away tiny hints and tidbits on what’s to come; I’ve been told that one of the good things about my books is how subtle the world building is. Readers don’t have to break their brains to understand what’s going on. I also want to make certain each of my books are written as stand alones so you can pretty much break into the series with whichever book you chose, and not have to worry about either spoilers for other books, or just trying to keep up with what’s going on because you haven’t read the story “up to now”.

Fated Fortunes is definitely a stand alone as well, however, this book is really going to plunge into things with lore, myths, and some history, at least as far as the world of Ithelyon is concerned. In fact, I made a post on my facebook page a few months ago saying I’d realized I was probably going to have to include a world map of Ithelyon with this story, but whether or not I can/will, I will definitely be posting up a map on my website with a list of the places visited in this book, because we go to quite a few.

I wanted to mention this just because I feel like my series is at a point where things are starting to get much larger than the seeds planted in Blue Moon. I’ve always wanted a series with stories that are vastly different, that way, if one book isn’t satisfying, the reader might find another that’s more up their alley. The Final Calling, for example, was quite an adventure, while Hunter’s Moon took us back to a small, southern town. Fated Fortunes, on the other hand, is going to involve some traveling, and I’m extremely eager to see where it will all go! :)

I’m aiming for a May release with this one, but time will tell whether or not I can get it out any sooner than that. So in the meantime, thanks so much everyone for your continued support! It means the world!

Cheers! :D

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The Story So Far …

So, I’ve gotten some questions from a few readers recently that basically involve “how do you story?”, which I think was meant to be a compliment. My series now spans 6 books, and there are a lot of intricacies and plot threads branching out across them, some of which have caused readers to glare at me unforgivingly (i.e. “How could you do that to Edith you monster!?”) while others have yet to be explained. So I thought I’d make a few comments over these aspects of my books to answer the question, and deliver the answer in the for of thoughts from yours truly! :)

After all, what better way to glean insight, or drive readers even more crazy, than by posting my own personal (and sometimes silly) notes on each of my books? So, let’s get started!

bluemoon_med Blue Moon

   “What else is out there besides Werewolves? You mentioned pointed ears and stuff.”
   “We’re not Werewolves, Ashley. They’re different. But there’s a lot, maybe even everything you’ve ever heard of in a fairy tale and then some. Elves, fae, ghosts, vampires, demons,” [Cade] shrugged. “The list goes on a good ways.”
   Ashley took a deep breath, realizing that the pack hunting her wasn’t the only thing out there that could’ve killed her. It made her regret leaving home, and wish she could just have the job she’d taken in Atlanta and remain oblivious …

Author’s Thoughts:
• This story is largely an introduction into the series that might’ve taken me several years to complete.
• A poodle, Martin? Really?
• Leave it to Isaac to bring up lube and foreplay in the middle of a fight.
• What’s with that weird middle name there, Ulric? Note to self; explain in future book.
• Kind of sad I never got around to doing that prequel novella for Nicole and Mike!
Operation: Mixed Breed has probably been used by Hunter’s Moon at some point since this story.

Light of Dawn

   “I wish you knew more. I just can’t believe there’s this whole supernatural world out there and now I’m finding out I’m possibly a part of it, but can’t ask what that means.”
   “Not possibly,” Ulric corrected. “You are, and it just means you’re unique from other humans.”
   “What’s the good in being unique if it makes you a target?” Charlotte grumbled. “You know, if that’s why vampires are after me, and they’d killed me, I never would’ve even known it … ”

Author’s Thoughts:
• We should all be able to control our own fertility. Just sayin’.
• Isadora needs some lovin’ ASAP.
• Remind me never to shake Chandra’s hand in a deal.
• Ulric’s right. Mages probably do come up with ideas while hitting a pipe.
• When draconians go into Wrath, they get horny. Rimshot.
• Don’t worry, Isaac. You’ll find her soon. But not for another three books and nearly a year’s worth of timeline. *maniacal author laughter*

strangebrew_med Strange Brew

   When [Aislinn] was fifteen, she’d sneaked off to break into the mansion [at Braddock’s Estate] and see if she couldn’t conjure any spirits of past residents to try solving a local mystery about the disappearance of the previous owner, Abraham Braddock. But she didn’t get very far before Helen caught her.
   Her aunt was livid as well, and not because Aislinn had sneaked out late at night to go to a potentially dangerous place. Instead, Helen had argued
You don’t conjure the dead without aid! That’s like giving a cat a bath by yourself. Some spirits are friendly enough to let you, but most are just gonna get pissed and try to hurt you.

Author’s Thoughts:
• I really need to write a story about ghosts sometime. Maybe Annika’s story?
• The method of putting out penis-shaped candles is fucking hilarious.
• I wonder if Heather and Joe would hit it off … hmm … YA Novel?
• Limbo is really weird.
• O’where, o’where has Derick gone, o’where, o’where could he be?
• I wonder what secrets Sylva uncovered while she was floating around in Limbo … ?

fallenhearts_med Fallen Hearts

   ” […] I’m going to advocate your petition to start a new Vampire Order to The Crucible. You’ve both made good points about the way your kind govern themselves here, and I believe your request will be granted, provided you can obtain the proper backing.”
   Hearing this, Maddox let a relieved sigh. “Thank you, Ardilon.”

Author’s Thoughts:
• Mathias got swag.
The Dead God? What’s up with that nickname, Ardilon?
• Kivsey? WTF Y U LEAVE ME!? D:
• Wait … Heliger? What the hell are you doing over there?
• I guess Giroux got ahead of himself heh heh.
• So that’s why Lillian did the ritual there … welp.
• The nut fairy should be a real thing. I don’t know why. It just should.

Featured Image -- 1869 The Final Calling

   ““I do know the answer to another question you’ve asked.”
“What question?”
As if the City of Magic had something to do with his response, Arias looked out at the towering, marble spires raising toward the sky, then focused on her and smiled.
“He has never forgotten you.”
It was a completely simple, yet entirely cryptic response, but Chandra’s gut clenched regardless. Thankfully, centuries of hiding her emotions— or suppressing them with magic— allowed her to mask the reaction and ask indifferently, “He? Who might that be?”
“Perhaps we’ll meet again when you find out … ”

Author’s Thoughts:
• No, seriously, Arias, who the FUCK are you talking about? D:
• Dra’Kai is a boss.
• What is the difference between a fairy and a sprite? =\
• Not sure what’s weirder; Arias’ and Ardilon’s apparent feud, or Arias and Ardilon themselves.
• Rothario has a nose for trouble. Or he used to … :D
• No, seriously, Dra’Kai is a boss.

huntersmoon Hunter’s Moon

   “Ever since high school, it’s just been one bad date after another.”
“Why high school? Have a lot of boyfriends?”
“Nope, just one, Eric Sullivan. He was really nice, a born warlock actually. Caleb used to call him string bean because he was so tall and skinny.”
Sara snickered at the memory, yet her expression turned solemn when she related, “But he moved away, so … ”

Author’s Thoughts:
• Sara really needs her own story.
• Adriana deserves a carousel, seriously.
• Travis cracks me up.
• Pretty sure Hobbs has a bunny farm at home with baby rabbits everywhere.
• The carnival. The carnival!
• I think Nacho needs a friend. How about a beagle? :D

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The Crucible Series Book Seven Teaser


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Spam Ratings are “Just a Thing”

Hi guys! So, this week I was preparing for the release of my newest book, Hunter’s Moon (which got a fabulous 4 Star rating from Kelly’s Book Blog, thanks so very much Kelly! I’m so glad you liked the story! :) ) when I was hit with something rather unexpected. It wasn’t very pleasant, and some people might call me an inexperienced newb because of my reaction to it, but I wasn’t precisely thrilled.

Before I get started on what it was, however, I’d like to mention one of the universal truths of writing, which is a pretty simple truth; not everyone is going to like your book(s). You can do all of the legwork from creating a perfect cover to editing until your fingers bleed, then hiring professional editors to go through what you’ve already hacked away at until their own fingers fall off. You can give it the most intriguing title in the world, and have a plot that literally shits gold.

But not everyone is going to like it. Period.

So authors have to be prepared to receive negative feedback, and not only learn how to get the most information out of that criticism to improve their work going forward, but also to spot the difference between constructive criticism that’s helpful, and an opinion that’s not going to benefit your work (i.e., flaming and spam). This is a very important factor to keep in mind if you’re planning to publish your work considering one bad review doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world, but several people tuck tail and run if they get even a hint that someone doesn’t like what they’ve written.

This is just the way things are, no one can do anything about it, and you have to learn to take the bad with the good!

I’ve always known this, and believe you me, I’ve received criticism on many occasions. A large amount of that was, in fact, flaming (it’s easy to spot a troll after you’ve dealt with them just once) and I’ve done my best to take the actual criticism to heart and implement the advice into my writing style.

So negative criticism? I think I’m equipped well enough to handle it. No one likes to hear that they didn’t succeed in their endeavors, that a story they’ve spent a large amount of time polishing until they felt it would provide the most enjoyable experience possible actually wasn’t enjoyable at all. But this doesn’t mean you’ve failed. The only way you fail is if you give up and don’t try to learn from the experience.

So, with that said, let me get back on topic of what happened. At this point, you’re probably thinking one of my books got blasted with a horrible review, right? Well, actually, that didn’t happen at all. I didn’t receive any negative commentary, nor did I hear from someone who’d recently read one of my books and wanted to tell me how horrible it was and how I should just quit. So why did I mention how author’s need a thick skin if I didn’t?

To explain that, allow me to tell you a story, and trust me, it’s a good one. Telling stories is just what I do. :P

Yesterday, December 1st, 2016, I was surfing the web and checking my messages. I hopped onto goodreads for a moment to check a friend request and in the process, I noticed that Hunter’s Moon had a single star rating. I stared at the page for a moment, confused. Hunter’s Moon wasn’t set to publish until the next day (December 2nd), so how could it have a rating? I’d sent an ARC of the book to three reviewers, people who have read and reviewed all of my older books, and for a moment, I thought that perhaps they’d already rated the book and I’d disappointed them with my sixth story.

Not so. I checked the page, and didn’t see either of those reviewers names listed, at least, not beyond a notification that they were reading the book. So where had this 1 star rating come from? I was extremely confused, and thought that maybe goodreads had glitched, and perhaps they were updating their website and what I was seeing was just inaccurate.

As it turns out, that wasn’t the case, either. Just an hour or so later, the information popped up. My unpublished book had a 1 star rating from someone I’d never heard of before. I checked their page because I was curious–how could someone read and review my book if it wasn’t published? Well, the answer was pretty obvious; they hadn’t read my book, but decided to give it a one star rating anyway.

But that’s not the only thing; they’d given all of my books a 1 star rating, and had done the same to several other stories. In fact, there were over 13 pages of books they’d bestowed with 1 star. That’s when I realized this was a spam rater who, if my unpublished book was any indication, hadn’t read the stories they were rating, they’d just given them a rating and moved on.

I was extremely unhappy about this for obvious reasons. Why would you rate a story you hadn’t read? Not only is that going to make the overall rating of the book inaccurate, but it’s just unfair. So I sent an email to goodreads regarding the matter, and had a few conversations with people about it, and in the process, I realized something very important.

I’d emailed goodreads for no reason. Spam ratings are apparently “Just a Thing” that happens, and we shouldn’t complain about it.

Or at least, that’s what many people say. Some raters on goodreads just rate books willy nilly, perhaps to get at that top rater’s spot, or even just to show how interested they might be in reading a book from the start. Then again, maybe they’re rating the cover of a book and not the contents. But whatever the reason, this is just something that happens, and like receiving negative criticism, it can’t be helped. Your best bet is to simply let it bounce off that thick skin, and move on. Eventually, other reviews will bury their rating at the back of the pages where no one will see it, and it’s likely that readers won’t pay much attention to it, anyway.

Still, I’m not satisfied. Perhaps I’m just howling at the moon, but I do find this problematic, particularly for authors who aren’t widely known and don’t actually get many ratings from the start. Unless the rules changed when I wasn’t looking, ratings are meant to say, “I’ve read this story and this is how I felt about it,” not “I just saw this story and it looks like something I would like/dislike.” After all, I wouldn’t think it would be difficult to implement a system where a reader can mark a book as “Interested” or “Not Interested” instead of just rating it based on their probability of reading it to begin with.

The biggest reason why this doesn’t settle well with me is that today’s publishing industry demands that, if authors are to be successful, in many cases their strongest tool is to have a reader rate and review their work. Amazon doesn’t promote any story unless its received 50 reviews (yep, 50), but only 10% of readers (if I’m recalling my facts correctly) actually take the time out to leave a comment on a story saying whether or not they liked it. Ratings and reviews are an essential part in helping someone decide if they’d like to read your story, or just ignore it altogether.

So no, I’m not satisfied with saying, “They were just rating it to indicate whether or not they’d be interested in reading it from the start.” But this happens frequently on goodreads, specifically with bestselling authors who have a large audience. When those authors announce a new title, fans will go and spam their new book’s page with ratings indicative of their interest in reading it, and may go back to edit that rating once the story has been released.

Again, it’s “Just a Thing.” Put on your adult pants and move on.

It seems where Amazon is potentially too strict with their review policies (i.e., removing reviews for “knowing the author which makes it biased”), goodreads is much too lenient, meaning neither site is going to give you an accurate idea of a book’s reception in all cases, nor are they going to do anything about their policies. I do believe some policies need to be in place, particularly regarding whether or not you’ve actually read the book you’re rating, but I really can’t see why some things would be left as is when there are some very obvious ways to fix it. Then again, I guess those solutions would cost money they don’t want to spend.

Please feel free to leave a comment! Do you think these review policies are too lenient? Too strict?

Cheers! :D

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Hunter’s Moon Now Available!

huntersmoon Hunter’s Moon is now available at the following retailers:

• Kobo

Add to Goodreads!
Read an Excerpt!

Synopsis: Caleb Hodgins is a lupine known to the Arkin City Pack as an easy going wolf with a carefree attitude. But after tragedy strikes because of what he is, he’s left with a painful secret and the weight of grief hanging on his shoulders. Such heartache causes Caleb to swear he’ll never seek companionship with a human woman again, and it’s a plan that works well enough—until Emily Sterling comes to town.

When presented with the opportunity to take a long sought job in Arkin City, Emily quickly accepts, moving halfway across the country to live next door to her childhood friend, Joslyn Santiago-Hodgins. After years of keeping in touch long distance, she finally meets the people in Joslyn’s life, and finds everyone easy to fit in with—that is, everyone except Joslyn’s brother-in-law, Caleb.

Emily has no idea why he’s so put off by her, and his dismissive behaviors become increasingly disappointing as her attraction to him turns into undeniable interest. Yet she also doesn’t realize just how quickly her fun loving attitude and playful wit draws Caleb in, reminding him of his painful secret and his drive to prevent history from repeating itself.

But a case of missing lupines sweeping the southern states may put Emily in danger simply by her unwitting association with the Arkin City Pack, giving Caleb more than one reason to protect her. In the process, the gears of bonding start to turn, and there’s nothing he can do to stop it, forcing him to face his fear of revealing the truth about what he is, and risk losing Emily for good.

I found this story to have a detailed plot with complex characters and some HOT romance.
Kelly, Kelly’s Book Blog ★★★★☆ 4/5

Don’t forget the Hunter’s Moon Release Day Sale is still running through the end of today! (December 2nd) All books in The Crucible Series are .99 cents each!

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Romance Clickbait

I hate clickbait. No, wait, I loathe clickbait with every fiber of my being. Not only is it just annoying to come across, it’s pretty much the epitome of sensationalism, which is harmful. Sadly, as it’s come to pass, facebook is clickbait central, and I’ve gotten so tired of seeing these types of headlines I’ve unfollowed pages for linking such ads.

And they’re all the same thing (which is why it’s so annoying). For example, you’re scrolling and see, “This man was struggling to keep his job, but what his wife does to help is brilliant!” Or you’ll see, “High school student tries to help a kid being bullied. What happens next will shock you!”

And I’m just sitting here like “Make it stop, make it stop, MAKE IT STOP!” Sure, the stories (in some cases) are true, and some of them are probably really good tales that could make your day. But the fact that a third party is trying to make money off of them just … UGH.


Anyway, clickbait is nothing new, and it’s not really something I came here to talk about in specific. In fact, this is kind of a spur of the moment post I wanted to make because I’ve been seeing a specific type of clickbait lately, and good lord, I’m seriously hoping it’s not becoming the newest trend in book marketing; Romance Clickbait.

Basically, I’ll scroll down my dash now, and see a promotional image for some book with the caption, “This single dad will melt your heart, AND your panties!” Or “Alpha male seeking mate won’t give up, and drives women wild!” You know, if this is the new and acceptable way to market your books, consider me content to sit in obscurity with a handful of readers because I’d rather shoot myself in the foot than have ads like “Draconian seeking curse box stumbles across strange mortal. What happens next will amaze you!” =\

Though, that is kind of funny when I think about it. “Stray lupine wanders into city. What alpha does to help her is swoonworthy!” Or “All this mage wants is her staff, but the one her demon companion offers isn’t the one she expected–and she’s not complaining!”

Okay, I’ve got tears in my eyes from that last one.

But what does everyone think? Is this method of advertising actually acceptable, or should books promoted in this manner be blacklisted and erased from all human memory? (Even as I write this, I’m still laughing at that last phony headline for The Final Calling! XD) Let me know!

Cheers! :D

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No Time for Reading!

Before I get started on this topic, I wanted to show off my new banner, w00t!


This time around, I wanted to do something a little grungy, and had an idea for a wall with posters tacked up all over it. So I pieced this together and added a few “news headlines” that, well, I thought were amusing for various reasons. From left to right, top to bottom, they read;

    The Secret Lives of Immortals Revealed!
    Out-Realm Vacationing – Travel to New Worlds Like The Archmages
    Arkin Pack Gets New Alpha
    Missing Persons Cases Connected?
    Can Vampires Be Trusted? Local Couple to Start New Order
    Werewolves Move to Arkin City
    What Can Magic Do to Enhance Your Life?

So yep, I had lots of fun with that one!

Anyway, I need to mention a few things potentially coming up in the near-ish future, for example, now, when you buy Blue Moon from certain retailers, it comes with a preview of Light of Dawn. This will be available with all retailers soon, and I’m going to add previews to other books as well!

Next, I’ve been making plans to release another box set, but what books it might contain will be kept under my hat for the moment. Still, keep an eye out for those of you who like getting multiple books at cheaper prices than buying them separately! :)

The last thing I wanted to note is that I actually have some short stories planned for my series. Because I’m nowhere near ready to begin work on them yet, I can’t really say too much about what’s going on or who’s involved. But I can say I would absolutely love to make these stories holiday-centric. In the mood for Halloween? Christmas? That’s what I’m aiming for! :)

Aside from that, I know I’ve been pretty quiet lately, and I hate that I don’t have enough time to come here and make updates on at least a weekly basis. I really do try to (and maybe I’m slightly successful in that endeavor), but I feel that as long as I’m actually working on writing, it’s not a horrible loss.

And believe you me, I AM writing.

Speaking of being busy, let’s discuss the topic of this post, shall we? I’m too busy for consistent blog updates, and as it seems, some people are too busy to read. I’ve seen a lot of that type of talk lately. Everyone has too much to do to find the time to sit down and indulge themselves in a good book–and some of it’s really important stuff! Work, kids, appointments, school, all kinds of things get in the way of leisure time, and when we do finally take that moment to breathe, we’re using it to catch up with friends, watch that show we’ve been meaning to watch, or spend time with our family.

Of course, a lot of people do take that spare moment to read a few pages, but with the sheer volume of comments I’ve seen (primarily on my facebook feed) recently, it got me to thinking about how this type of busy schedule might affect the book market and influence book reading trends. There are literally thousands upon thousands of books available now, many of which are by indie authors alone. So you’re even more unlikely to see sales of your own books, but what types of books are being read. Is this a true indication of what’s “popular” now?

It’s something to consider anyway, and I was wondering, what does everyone hanging out around these parts do? Have you found yourself with little time to read? If so, how often do you get the chance, or what do you sacrifice to actually be able to read more if you’re a glorified bookworm? :D

Let me know! And I hope everyone’s having a great week! Cheers! :D

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