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No Time for Reading!

Before I get started on this topic, I wanted to show off my new banner, w00t!


This time around, I wanted to do something a little grungy, and had an idea for a wall with posters tacked up all over it. So I pieced this together and added a few “news headlines” that, well, I thought were amusing for various reasons. From left to right, top to bottom, they read;

    The Secret Lives of Immortals Revealed!
    Out-Realm Vacationing – Travel to New Worlds Like The Archmages
    Arkin Pack Gets New Alpha
    Missing Persons Cases Connected?
    Can Vampires Be Trusted? Local Couple to Start New Order
    Werewolves Move to Arkin City
    What Can Magic Do to Enhance Your Life?

So yep, I had lots of fun with that one!

Anyway, I need to mention a few things potentially coming up in the near-ish future, for example, now, when you buy Blue Moon from certain retailers, it comes with a preview of Light of Dawn. This will be available with all retailers soon, and I’m going to add previews to other books as well!

Next, I’ve been making plans to release another box set, but what books it might contain will be kept under my hat for the moment. Still, keep an eye out for those of you who like getting multiple books at cheaper prices than buying them separately! :)

The last thing I wanted to note is that I actually have some short stories planned for my series. Because I’m nowhere near ready to begin work on them yet, I can’t really say too much about what’s going on or who’s involved. But I can say I would absolutely love to make these stories holiday-centric. In the mood for Halloween? Christmas? That’s what I’m aiming for! :)

Aside from that, I know I’ve been pretty quiet lately, and I hate that I don’t have enough time to come here and make updates on at least a weekly basis. I really do try to (and maybe I’m slightly successful in that endeavor), but I feel that as long as I’m actually working on writing, it’s not a horrible loss.

And believe you me, I AM writing.

Speaking of being busy, let’s discuss the topic of this post, shall we? I’m too busy for consistent blog updates, and as it seems, some people are too busy to read. I’ve seen a lot of that type of talk lately. Everyone has too much to do to find the time to sit down and indulge themselves in a good book–and some of it’s really important stuff! Work, kids, appointments, school, all kinds of things get in the way of leisure time, and when we do finally take that moment to breathe, we’re using it to catch up with friends, watch that show we’ve been meaning to watch, or spend time with our family.

Of course, a lot of people do take that spare moment to read a few pages, but with the sheer volume of comments I’ve seen (primarily on my facebook feed) recently, it got me to thinking about how this type of busy schedule might affect the book market and influence book reading trends. There are literally thousands upon thousands of books available now, many of which are by indie authors alone. So you’re even more unlikely to see sales of your own books, but what types of books are being read. Is this a true indication of what’s “popular” now?

It’s something to consider anyway, and I was wondering, what does everyone hanging out around these parts do? Have you found yourself with little time to read? If so, how often do you get the chance, or what do you sacrifice to actually be able to read more if you’re a glorified bookworm? :D

Let me know! And I hope everyone’s having a great week! Cheers! :D

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Rewrites & Regrets

This first line is mystifying, a hook drawing you in to read the rest of what’s written so that you can understand what it all means.

It’s been a while now, meaning this is one of those things I’d wanted to come here and post, but either never found the time, or I just didn’t have the motivation when I could find it. But someone asked me a while back if I’d planned on going back to, for example, Blue Moon and rewriting any of it. That’s probably a question that sounds insulting out of context, as if to suggest I need to fix a story in some way, but I promise, our discussion was far from such things.

Instead, we were chatting about how authors grow with … well, every single word they write, let alone every book. New techniques are learned, writing styles perfected, and improvements begin showing up all across the board. All writers improve themselves with their writing, regardless of whether they’ve written a two page, self indulgent fan fiction for their eyes only, or a 500 page bestseller that wows the world. And these improvements might be easier to gauge than you’d think.

So let me ask a question; Have you ever gone back to something you’d written ages ago, and cringed at your prose, grammar infractions, and/or plot development inadequacies? I know far too many people who’ve said yes to this query, and some who take it as a sign than they simply weren’t meant to be a writer because wow omg this is so freaking horrible.

STOP. RIGHT. THERE. Please, heed these words; looking back on something and cringing is a GREAT sign. Sure, you might not enjoy the sensation of embarrassment, but the fact that you can actually read what you wrote way back when and now point out the inconsistencies/grammar mistakes/whatever other problems you might pick up on is a definite sign of progress. Now of course, this doesn’t necessarily involve instances where you wrote a page a week ago and now you’re just sooooooooo ugh about it. That’s a different ballgame altogether. But going back years and wondering “What was I thinking” means I need to say congratulations, because you’ve definitely improved! :)

I’m not even sure how many times I’ve done this with my personal projects and the fan fictions I so studiously used to write. Like that first line above, which is one of the rules of immersing a reader in a story (to make the first line of a chapter so intriguing they feel they can’t draw themselves away from finding out what it means) I’d read older writings, wondered why I did what I did, and applied whatever was learned to my future endeavors.

So that was our discussion essentially, and my friend was asking if, because I’m close to being five books in on my series, I’d considered going back and rewriting any part of my earlier books to “improve” them with what I’d learned since publishing them. It didn’t take me much time to respond either, my answer being no, I hadn’t intended on rewriting any parts of my earlier books, even just to restructure sentences or so on and so forth. Could I find things to rework?

Oh definitely. For example, I’ve read over Blue Moon again recently, and noticed things that I’ve corrected myself from doing to the best of my ability. But some part of me almost feels obligated to leave it just the way it is, as if in testament to the fact that I’ve improved, and will continue to do so the more I write. Another part of me also wants to let potential future writers who pick up my books know that everyone starts somewhere, and while Blue Moon and Light of Dawn were extremely far from my first attempts at writing a novel, there’s always room for improvement, and never give up no matter what pitfalls you run into.

Sometimes, I even find it endearing to be able to go back and reread the first few books in my favorite series by other authors and realize that they too were improving their craft. It’s a cycle, something we all do as writers, and it in no way means you need to stop trying because every time you return to something you’d written long ago in a word program far, far away that you should regret your syntax and grammar, lack of plot development, or anything else.

I say own that shit. Look at it like a freaking prize. “Yeah I wrote this, and now I’mma write something better! Why? Because I can!” :)

Anyway, Happy New Years guys! I hope this first day turns out to be the start of your own great adventure! Cheers! :D

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Author Interview

Here is my interview with Angela Colsin.

A huge thanks to Authors Interviews for putting up my interview up today!

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Character Page

I’ve added a new page to the blog listing currently established characters in The Crucible and a few small tidbits on them and/or their personalities. You may find some lacking in description, but this is simply due to the need for, well, suspense! :) The page will be updated over the course of the series when more information is revealed and new characters are added.

I’m also working on the idea for the Link Exchange I mentioned previously. Instead of simply making posts for anyone interested that links to their blog/books, I’m going to make a page with a few slots open (probably three to start) for indie authors and their work to be linked in for a set amount of time. It’s still coming together however, so I’ll have more information available soon! :)

Cheers everyone! And Happy St. Patrick’s Day! :D

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Link Exchange (and a few other updates!)

So after a generally long silence on my end (I’ve mostly been busy planning things out lately, which has kept me highly preoccupied!) I’ve had a few ideas that I wanted to post up here.

The first was to mention an idea I had that I thought might be helpful to some lesser known indie authors such as myself when it comes to getting a little more exposure, either for themselves in general, or for their publications. It’s also pretty simple–a link exchange.

I know that’s not necessarily an original idea. People exchange links/promote others all the time. But regardless of the originality, it’s something I’d like to start doing with other indie authors out there–which in essence means if you’d like to ask me to make a post promoting your work, I’d like to hear from you!
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