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Before I start posting on anything I’ve been planning recently, I wanted to comment on something else I’ve been noticing lately, which is an increase in followers and hits to my blog. I don’t know who you guys are, but thanks so much! Maybe we’ll get a chance to chat sometime! I promise I don’t bite!

Unless that’s your thing and you want me to. Even then, I may shy away. :|

So! Moving on along to other things of varying levels of import doo tee do. You may have realized that the name of this post is migration, which means I’m in the process of making a layout for a website of my very own! In turn, that means I’m going to have to migrate some information because I plan on integrating my blog here into the website there.

Which, even though I do have a good bit of coding experience, I’ve never particularly attempted in specific before. So on that front, it’s going to take me some time, and I’ll likely be blogging here for a while longer. But aside from that, I’ve been trying to get the content for my website all organized anyway, which can take a while in itself, so there’s no huge hurry at the moment. But as a consolation to everyone else, I’ll try to get a screenshot of the layout up soon now!

In the meantime, the second story of The Crucible Series is coming along, and finally, I have a working name, which is very subject to change at the moment considering the story is no where near completion, but it may give those of you who are curious an idea about what the next story involves: Dragon’s Chase. (Watch the name change to something drastically different now that I’ve brought this up!)

Hmm, Dragon’s and Chase? It’s about ghosts, right!? :D

Anyway, cheers all!