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The Crucible Series Box Set Now on Kobo

3dboxset_500 So, it came to my attention this morning that Kobo has not only added Fallen Hearts to its catalogue, but also my box set containing the first three books of The Crucible Series! And that wasn’t actually the only surprise waiting for me.

Goodreads just added The Final Calling to my list of books! That was crazy fast. Someone seriously needs to give kudos to their staff/librarians lol! :)

So, I’ve edited the proper pages, including those on my blog, to get all of the links updated and ready for mass clicking. Or solo clicking. Whatever clicking you throw at them. I’m sure they’ll be able to handle it. Unless the website is down of course. But that’s not my fault. What was I talking about again? =|

In any case, feel free to click over to goodreads and add The Final Calling to your TBR list, or just look around and see if anything else strikes your fancy here. As a side note, I’ll continue to update as soon as I have links to provide, and nice, shiny news to offer! Cheers! :D