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Book Cover Remakes – The Final Calling

So, I’ve just finished reworking the cover for The Final Calling! As for what comes next, I’m not 100% sure, but I’ll definitely be posting it here when I’m finished. As a side note, I’m considering moving to a new blog entirely, but if that happens, and I’m not sure it will, I’ll post the information here for all to see!

Thanks so much guys and I hope you enjoy the new covers! :)

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Tempting Eternity is Now Available!

Tempting Eternity is now available at the following retailers:

Synopsis: As one of the first vampires created by the original five thousand years ago, time has taken it’s toll on Mathias, weathering him until nothing seems like a surprise anymore. But even he isn’t prepared for a chance encounter with a fae who proves to have a lover’s blood link.

For a vampire, such a connection is a fevered, hopeless fantasy. None have blood as sweetly enticing as the fae, but they’d never survive the turning, making it imperative to resist Isadora’s charms, otherwise put her very life at risk.

Yet distancing himself from the beguiling fae isn’t so easy.

Nearly killed by one of her own sisters, the last thing Isadora expects to hear is that a vampire saved her life while she was vulnerable—no being poses more of a lethal threat to the fae. Even more troubling is knowing she’ll have to seek his help to have any hope of saving her fae sisters from the control of a powerful witch.

But though the ancient vampire should be feared, Isadora finds Mathias compelling, pricking her innate curiosity in a way she’s never experienced. Ignoring such intrigue is impossible, and the more she learns, the more quickly her feelings turn into heavy attraction, tempting her to do the impossible—spend eternity with a vampire.

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Technical Difficulties: Cast Into Shadow Release Delayed … Again!

Okay, so I have some good news, and some bad news–and I’m gonna start with the bad first because, well, it’s honestly annoyed me, which is putting it mildly. So here goes!

Smashwords gave me until January 6th to upload a formatted manuscript for publishing on the 9th, and I just got to that today, which is the 6th. But when I uploaded the manuscript, it said the soonest available publish date was a week from the 9th. I have no idea why, but I can’t adjust it despite being told the deadline was today and actually uploading it today. So sadly, my hands are tied with this issue, and Cast Into Shadow won’t be available until January 17th.

You know, at this point, I’m just gonna blame all the trouble I’m having publishing this book on one of our cats. They’re plotting against me because they want a dedication or something.

It’s just a matter of figuring out which cat it could be!

As for Kindle readers, the closest date Amazon is allowing me to publish is on January 10th, but I’m not entirely sure I want to publish the versions so far apart. But as soon as I have the plan laid out, I’ll be back here to make an announcement!

Now, as for the good news: Despite being unable to buy the book, the first 25% of the story is now available to sample on Smashwords! So if you’ve been waiting, hopefully this will hold you over!

My apologies to everyone again! I’d really hoped to have this book out next week, but I guess you could say it’s better late than never!

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Name Error in Fated Fortunes and Flash Fridays!

So, before I get into the actual fun stuff, I have a report to give, and a confession to make. Actually, the report is about the confession, which is pretty simple: I’m durpy–and here’s why:

I’ve been going over some of my book notes recently, and in turn, scanning through certain scenes to fact check. In doing so, I came across a glaring error in Fated Fortunes that I think needs to be called out. For that reason, I’m going to give a SPOILER ALERT! because I’ll be digging into a few things from both Fated Fortunes and Strange Brew here. So let me share the scene in Fated Fortunes where the error is contained.

The captain, an older man with long, stringy white hair and a bushy beard, stepped inside, holding the door for a middle aged brunette passenger following him.
“I know it’s an inconvenience,” the human stated, “but Lydia’s condition is delicate, and I can offer a higher payment.”
“It’s going to take a much higher payment, Mr. Rowden,” the captain returned, never once spying the elf standing next to the open door because her pendant had rendered her invisible.

And there you have it. I’m pretty sure people reading this are scratching their heads wondering what gives, but let’s just say the name “Lydia” is the one that’s inaccurate, and there’s a longwinded reason for it. But first, I’d like to mention that those of you who’ve read Strange Brew might recognize the name of “Mr. Rowden”, and wonder whether the person in question is Derrick Rowden, Aislinn’s estranged father.

I’ll confirm it here and now; it is, in fact, Derrick, and the name Lydia should actually be Sylva–as in, Sylva Abbott, the ghostly specter who possessed Aislinn in Strange Brew to open a magically sealed doorway into an old alchemy lab where a powerful tome was stored away.

I fixed the problem as soon as I found it, which was thankfully pretty easy to do considering her name is only mentioned once throughout the entire story. Still, I thought it would be a good idea to post a lengthy description of the issue if only because I know quite a few people have read Fated Fortunes now, in addition to Strange Brew, and would probably appreciate the clarification.

But why, oh why, did I call her Lydia from the start? And why did it take me so long to catch the error? Well that, my friends, stems from my development of Sylva Abbott and her backstory. My readers already know that Sylva was one of The Abbott Sisters, three witches in the 17th century who formed a coven called The Trine to protect others like themselves. What the story doesn’t mention is all three sisters’ names, being Sylva, Myra, and Lydia.

The reason gets a little more complex in terms of editing Strange Brew, but let’s just say, for brevity’s sakes, that I’m constantly getting Sylva and Lydia mixed up, to the point that even though I read that passage at least a million times while editing Fated Fortunes, I still didn’t catch the problem. Even when my beta readers went through it, it wasn’t noticed probably because I was referring to Sylva as Lydia aloud. UGH!

So! There’s a little clarification on this scene which I now realize must’ve seemed out of place to anyone who’s read the entire series. But yes, we’re getting closer to finding out what happened to Derrick and Estelle after they escaped at the end of Strange Brew, and I’m reeeeeeally sorry for all of the confusion (and my durpiness!).

With that said, I have one other thing to make an announcement on. For the past several weeks, I’ve been having Flash Friday’s over on my tumblr blog, which is a pretty simple thing, but also pretty cool for anyone looking to take a risk on a “new” book! So here goes:

Every Friday, I pick a book in my series at random, and offer a coupon to get it for free from Smashwords! The coupon is only good for 5 redemptions, however, so it’s first come, first serve! At some point in the future, I may increase the number of redemptions, but that all depends on how much interest is generated!

So feel free to follow my tumblr blog if you’re currently using it!

Thanks so much everyone! Cheers! :)

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Fated Fortunes – 5 Star Review

I loved everything about this book. I started reading it last night and didn’t want to put it down to sleep. Then when I started to near the last pages, I found myself trying to prolong it because I didn’t want the story to end. While I love my Isaac and he’s still my most beloved character of this series, I think the storyline in this book might be my favorite.
Dawn, Up’Til Dawn Book Blog ★★★★★ 5/5

Thank you so much for this review, Dawn! (The full review can be read on her blog!) I’m so glad to hear Fated Fortunes has turned out to be enjoyable! Somehow, this got me thinking about a particular file was going to try including in the final ebook, but didn’t get a chance to due to technical jargon I’m sure you’re all better off not hearing. But I decided to share the file here, which is a map of the areas in Ithelyon this book visits. I hope you guys enjoy! :D

Have a great holiday weekend, guys, and happy reading! :D

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Hunter’s Moon Coming December 2nd!

huntersmoon Hunter’s Moon will release on December 2nd at the following retailers:

• Kobo

Add to Goodreads!
Read an Excerpt!

Synopsis: Caleb Hodgins is a lupine known to the Arkin City Pack as an easy going wolf with a carefree attitude. But after tragedy strikes because of what he is, he’s left with a painful secret and the weight of grief hanging on his shoulders. Such heartache causes Caleb to swear he’ll never seek companionship with a human woman again, and it’s a plan that works well enough—until Emily Sterling comes to town.

When presented with the opportunity to take a long sought job in Arkin City, Emily quickly accepts, moving halfway across the country to live next door to her childhood friend, Joslyn Santiago-Hodgins. After years of keeping in touch long distance, she finally meets the people in Joslyn’s life, and finds everyone easy to fit in with—that is, everyone except Joslyn’s brother-in-law, Caleb.

Emily has no idea why he’s so put off by her, and his dismissive behaviors become increasingly disappointing as her attraction to him turns into undeniable interest. Yet she also doesn’t realize just how quickly her fun loving attitude and playful wit draws Caleb in, reminding him of his painful secret and his drive to prevent history from repeating itself.

But a case of missing lupines sweeping the southern states may put Emily in danger simply by her unwitting association with the Arkin City Pack, giving Caleb more than one reason to protect her. In the process, the gears of bonding start to turn, and there’s nothing he can do to stop it, forcing him to face his fear of revealing the truth about what he is, and risk losing Emily for good.


Preordering isn’t available at all retailers yet, but Nook has it up, and I’ll be adding the links as they come along! Now, with that said, this actually isn’t the only surprise I have!


Sadly, the file above had to be condensed because it’s so large, so I apologize if the text is a little hard on the eyes! But this is one of my next projects; my second Box Set which will contain the first 5 books of The Crucible Paranormal Romance Series, and if I can manage it, a few other extras.

The price will run about $17.99 for this, which is a couple bucks cheaper than buying all of the books separately, though I don’t actually have a time frame for release yet. Right now, I’m too focused on publishing Hunter’s Moon to get anything solid into gear. But once Hunter’s Moon is out, you’ll definitely be hearing more on the progress of this box set, which gives everyone a chance to make inquiries into the content if they’re so inclined, or even request what kinds of extras they’d like to see!

As for the image to the right, this is my new series cover! I have a huge soft spot for purples (particularly when mixed with warmer yellow/orange tones) so I have to say I’m extremely happy with this cover image, even if it makes me sound biased! :)

Click either image for a bigger view (and to make the text a little more legible)! In any case, I’ll have more news out as it comes along, and I hope you guys are having a wonderful week so far! Cheers! :)

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The Crucible Series Box Set Now on Kobo

3dboxset_500 So, it came to my attention this morning that Kobo has not only added Fallen Hearts to its catalogue, but also my box set containing the first three books of The Crucible Series! And that wasn’t actually the only surprise waiting for me.

Goodreads just added The Final Calling to my list of books! That was crazy fast. Someone seriously needs to give kudos to their staff/librarians lol! :)

So, I’ve edited the proper pages, including those on my blog, to get all of the links updated and ready for mass clicking. Or solo clicking. Whatever clicking you throw at them. I’m sure they’ll be able to handle it. Unless the website is down of course. But that’s not my fault. What was I talking about again? =|

In any case, feel free to click over to goodreads and add The Final Calling to your TBR list, or just look around and see if anything else strikes your fancy here. As a side note, I’ll continue to update as soon as I have links to provide, and nice, shiny news to offer! Cheers! :D

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Updates R Us!

Man, do I have a lot of updates to throw at everyone. So watch your head or something, don’t wanna accidentally hit someone lol! :) In fact, I think I may do this in bullet point form, so here goes:

The Final Calling is already available for preorder from iBooks!
• My blog has a new banner wee (see below)!
• The Final Calling has also been listed on Smashwords!
• I’ve commissioned art of Chandra from Reellifejaneway!
• Website updates have been made accordingly!


So, everything’s going smoothly as far as getting the manuscript on The Final Calling finalized, I’m just waiting on more beta reader feedback before I go in and do any last edits to the story. As for that commission I mentioned above, it’s going to take some time to actually get the art done because the artist is facing a hard time right now, but I’ll be back along to report updates once I get them!

BUT SERIOUSLY. CHECK OUT HER WORK! She is totally freaking amazing and I can’t wait to see what she might come up with for Chandra! <3 <3 <3

Thanks again everyone and I hope you're having a great day! I'll be sure to get a post up with preorder links for The Final Calling as soon as they're available!

Cheers! :D

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Light of Dawn- Angela Colsin

Oh wow, whatabookwants has been kind enough to give Light of Dawn a review! I’m seriously floored! Thanks so much for this and I’m really glad you enjoyed the story! The good news is it won’t be long now before more about The Final Calling is revealed LoL :D

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The Final Calling Excerpt #2

tfc_med I’d been keeping my eye open for another tidbit from The Final Calling to share with everyone while I’m getting the first half of the book finalized, and I finally found one! Granted, it’s not precisely the one I thought I’d be sharing, but I thought it might whet some people’s appetites lol :)

So what does a mage do when she finds out she’s a shameless demon’s mate? Talk to her friends who know about him, of course. And what do Isaac’s friends think of him, anyway?

• • •

“I can’t wait to hear about Mystikkar,” Charlotte mentioned. “Ulric’s told me some things, and it sounds impressive.”
“Yeah, impressive’s one way to put it, kinda like your home,” Edith grinned, looking the place over. “So when can I move in?”
Her friend laughed. “Don’t you want to check the inside first?”
“Don’t think I’ll need to,” she replied, her gaze anywhere but on her feet as Charlotte took her inside—and it was just as lavish as she’d suspected.
Knowing Charlotte as well as she did, it was easy to pick out which decorations were hers, and what had been Ulric’s idea. But though they had different tastes, the styles meshed extremely well, giving the home an inviting atmosphere while maintaining a sense of class.
During her brief tour, Edith mentioned, “This place is so badass. You guys have really put some work into it.”
“It’s still not finished, but it’s livable now,” Charlotte qualified, then gave a questioning look. “By the way, what took you so long? I thought you were just changing clothes or something.”

“Oh,” Edith sighed, hesitating over explaining what happened in her apartment, and Charlotte took notice.
“Is something wrong?”
They’d just adjourned to the game room where Edith was too distracted by the fact that her best friend had a bowling alley in her home to immediately respond. But she tore her attention away from it with a dejected sigh.
“I’m not sure, actually. It’s just … okay, after we hung up, I was attacked in my apartment.”
Attacked? By who?”
Edith waved it away, promising, “I’ll explain that part in a minute, and don’t worry, I’m fine. Someone you know intervened before anything happened, and I’m not sure what to think of the things he said.” Or did.
Suspiciously, the confusion on Charlotte’s face turned to enlightenment. “Let me guess. Isaac.”
Edith quirked a brow. “That’s too accurate for a guess.”
“Okay, it wasn’t a guess,” Charlotte admitted, taking a seat at the bar. “What did he say?”
“He said I’m his mate, on top of other things.”
Other things?”
“Uh huh,” Edith drew out blandly. “Let’s just say he’s been having erotic dreams about me, and wasn’t ashamed to admit it. In detail.”
As if such behavior was completely normal for the demon, Charlotte groaned and rubbed her eyes, leaving Edith wondering what, exactly, her friend might tell her about him. But their conversation was momentarily interrupted when Ulric entered the room.
“Hey, did I hear Edi—oh, guess I did.”
Charlotte grinned, leaning up to give him a kiss before she mentioned, “Yep, and guess who she just met.”
Looking between them curiously, Ulric drew out, “I see.”
Perturbed by his response, Edith asked without pause, “Okay, how bad is this guy? I mean really?”
Using Ulric’s nickname, Charlotte returned, “Ask Yules, he knows Isaac better than I do.”
Ulric shrugged. “Maybe you should explain everything that’s happened first.”
Without hesitation, Edith did just that, starting with the attack, and Ulric listened patiently. But by the time she reached the end of the story, he was pinching the bridge of his nose.
“Yeah, that’s Isaac.”
Edith had no idea what to think. “So should I be worried?”
“Not really,” he began, lifting his head to add, “Isaac would never hurt you, that I can promise. He’s just … tactless and impatient.”
“Crude,” Charlotte supplied.
“But loyal,” Ulric countered.
Charlotte conceded the point with a nod, and Edith groaned. None of their talk sounded completely promising, but just before she made up her mind to avoid the demon at all costs, a third voice qualified, “He’s also on his way here now.”
Edith looked to see her mentor standing in the doorway. “Chandra, why didn’t you tell me?”
“That you’re his mate? I thought to spare you as much heartache as I could for as long as possible.”
“Guess I should thank you, but a little warning would’ve been nice.”
“I told you a demon would be hounding you. But I’d like to speak in private if you don’t mind.”
Edith certainly didn’t, joining the sorceress in a study located down the hall to hear what she had to say.

• • •

The Final Calling should be available June 3rd! Check back for future updates! :)