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So, I realize that after I posted about the release of Cast Into Shadow, I kind of up and vanished from this blog. There’s been a lot of stuff going on in my real life, however, and I kind of just wanted to focus on writing and whatnot because I’ve been feeling so stretched thin. But I wanted to come by here and post this notice up because I do have some things to share in the works, and they’ll be up pretty soon!

That said, get ready for a book sale! Free books incoming! :D

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The Greater Gods of The Pantheon (The Crucible Series)

So, I realize I’ve been extremely quiet here lately. But with Fated Fortunes very close to release (I’ll have an announcement on the exact date and preordering available soon now!) and some other projects at hand (some of which I’ll be updating in this post) it’s left me without much time to do any steady blogging. So, without further ado, I thought I’d share a few things over The Pantheon in my series.

Some of you may remember the post I made with the chart of The Pantheon a while back now which listed the major deities in my series.  Well!  The images above are going to be used on a page of my website pretty soon now if I can get all of the information together in a timely manner, and I’m intending to giving away just a few minor tidbits there.  After all, a number of these deities have stories that will end up coming to light during the course of the series, and some have already been revealed, at least in part.  For example, we know that Peros created the Perosian Demons (the race Isaac belongs to) and that Velias is the patron deity of mages/Mystikkar.  These two gods will get a bit of discussion in Fated Fortunes, as will Udana for currently hush-hush reasons!  :P

Anyway, as for those updates I mentioned, the first is that this blog will be moving pretty soon.  Or at least, the major posts concerning my books will be heading to my website!  This blog is currently under construction, but it’s functioning well enough now that you can follow if you like, though I haven’t managed to migrate many of my posts there yet!  In any case, and again, this blog won’t be shutting down, but I’ll be using my website more and more frequently as time goes on, so there’s a head’s up!

The last update (for now!) is that I have a new tumblr blog!  So if any of you use tumblr, feel free to give me a follow!  :)

So! That’s it for now, and I hope you guys enjoy the new stuff! :D Cheers!


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The Busiest Bee

My poor, poor neglected blog. I think it’s been two weeks since I made an actual post here, but as it turns out, my time has been hugely divided between my day job, writing, and lots of little things in between, such as my birthday and so on.

I’m sure any professional blogger out there would scoff at my lack of ability to add one more task to the list and make sure my blog here remains updated on a consistent basis. But when you have obligations you can’t take care of by writing a long, well thought out post like I wish I had more time to do, sacrifices have to be made, and sadly, regular blog updates with meaningful posts is one of them.

The thing is, if my time is cut down, and I have to choose between writing one of my books, and writing a post, I’ll chose my books every time, especially now. I resolved to have two books come out in 2016, and I’m trying my best to get Hunter’s Moon done at a good pace. Sadly, I’ve been so busy lately I’ve even slacked off in the writing arena.

So here’s a somewhat personal update; I am busy, and incredibly distracted because of it. I think voting for The Final Calling to win a Summer Indie Book Award started on the 1st, and will end in like 2 days now, but I haven’t even made any posts to notify anyone or ask for votes (which, you can vote if you’d like by clicking on the link there). It honestly doesn’t matter to me if I win or lose, and I’ll be blunt here (forgive me lol) but voting in such a manner has always seemed like a popularity contest to me instead of a measurement of actual skill or enjoyment. But the bottom line is that I’m just thrilled someone actually thought of me, and the fact that I completely forgot The Final Calling was even nominated shows how far out in left field I’ve been recently.

So I wanted to apologize to everyone. Some days, all I want to do is focus on writing my stories. I’m a huge introvert at heart, which does nothing to help with networking and building an author platform for myself, but at the end of the day, I’m not entirely sure how much that truly matters. Sure, every author wants recognition for their work to some degree, and I’d love to reach more readers who would hopefully enjoy the stories I write. Yet, and until I’m in a more financially sound situation to invest in promoting my work and building the platform I need to do so, I’ll be stuck axing the regular blog posts in favor of making basic updates such as announcements for when my stories are going to be published or on sale and whatnot.

In the meantime, I hope everyone else is having an easier time of it, and I’ll be by whenever I get the chance to try and entertain everyone with more of my lame jokes and weak opinions! :P

Cheers! :D

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The Crucible Series Box Set Now on Kobo

3dboxset_500 So, it came to my attention this morning that Kobo has not only added Fallen Hearts to its catalogue, but also my box set containing the first three books of The Crucible Series! And that wasn’t actually the only surprise waiting for me.

Goodreads just added The Final Calling to my list of books! That was crazy fast. Someone seriously needs to give kudos to their staff/librarians lol! :)

So, I’ve edited the proper pages, including those on my blog, to get all of the links updated and ready for mass clicking. Or solo clicking. Whatever clicking you throw at them. I’m sure they’ll be able to handle it. Unless the website is down of course. But that’s not my fault. What was I talking about again? =|

In any case, feel free to click over to goodreads and add The Final Calling to your TBR list, or just look around and see if anything else strikes your fancy here. As a side note, I’ll continue to update as soon as I have links to provide, and nice, shiny news to offer! Cheers! :D

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Updates R Us!

Man, do I have a lot of updates to throw at everyone. So watch your head or something, don’t wanna accidentally hit someone lol! :) In fact, I think I may do this in bullet point form, so here goes:

The Final Calling is already available for preorder from iBooks!
• My blog has a new banner wee (see below)!
• The Final Calling has also been listed on Smashwords!
• I’ve commissioned art of Chandra from Reellifejaneway!
• Website updates have been made accordingly!


So, everything’s going smoothly as far as getting the manuscript on The Final Calling finalized, I’m just waiting on more beta reader feedback before I go in and do any last edits to the story. As for that commission I mentioned above, it’s going to take some time to actually get the art done because the artist is facing a hard time right now, but I’ll be back along to report updates once I get them!

BUT SERIOUSLY. CHECK OUT HER WORK! She is totally freaking amazing and I can’t wait to see what she might come up with for Chandra! <3 <3 <3

Thanks again everyone and I hope you're having a great day! I'll be sure to get a post up with preorder links for The Final Calling as soon as they're available!

Cheers! :D

Blog Updates

Ewwww No Updates!

So, I wanted to come and post a quick apology because I haven’t updated here in a while, and the honest truth is that I don’t actually have any updates. I am working on some posts though, and I thought I’d be done with them by now, but as it always turns out, life comes atcha fast. *Sigh* But stay tuned, because I will have some shiny new stuff up soon enough! :D

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The Most Uninteresting Blog Update Ever

Nothing much new going on around here, I have to admit. Except that after I updated my website’s layout, I knew something needed to be done about my blog regardless of the fact that 99.9% of wordpress’s themes do nothing to my skirt. No blowing it up, no gusting, not even a drift. This one, though, I’d seen before, but wasn’t quite sure it was something I wanted to switch to. Then I decided what the hell, change needs to happen. I’d had my old layout since I’d opened this blog with only minor alterations over time, so if I was ever gonna do something, it was now.

I’m so not used to it either. “How do I navigate my own blog again? I forgot!” Seems to be the theme of the evening at the moment. Anyway, as I’d said before, this is the most uninteresting blog update ever. So I’m gonna get back to writing (which I’ve neglected for quite some time tonight) and probably get lost again whenever I visit here later.

Cheers! :)

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Building Worlds & Other Godlike Stuff

One of the things about being an author I find simultaneously amusing and invigorating is the fact that as a writer with your own world, well … you’re the sovereign divine. You say what goes, who’s blessed, who falls, the problems they have to contend with, so on and so forth yadda yadda blah oh look, an uneaten snack cake on my desk. *noms*

Where was I? Oh right, ehem. So, like any good deity (or maybe you’re a malevolent bastard your minions would usurp if they had the chance, who knows?) you’ve got your own lore and backstory and tons of details that you’ll likely never actually get the chance to put into any of your stories. But that way, if someone charges you down with a million questions about why the plot in your story makes no sense and you should fix it, you can whip out your customized “bible” and use it like a shield all “Ah, here it is, the book of Lore, Chapter 2, Verse 12 … ” Anyway.

It’s like we need files upon files detailing all this stuff we’re never going to put in a story. Well, I have files upon files, not sure how much of a weirdo that makes me, but I’ll digress. I’d even drawn out a map of Ithelyon at one point (if you’ve read my stories, you know it’s another realm) though this map is heavily outdated (I think I made it like ten years ago, long before Blue Moon was published) so yeah, point being; building worlds and keeping up with them is a full time job in itself.

I’m surprised more writers haven’t exploded into a million pieces. Some days I’ll stare at a page in a story I’m working on and notice a plot device and ask myself “wait, how did that work again?” Only a moment passes before I go “OH YEAH!” BUT! Then I feel this ominous sense of overwhelming dread when I start to worry about how I’m going to make sure the rest of the story bides by this (probably unspoken) piece of lore and whether or not I’ll be shooting myself in the foot in future books if I should forget about it somehow.

Thankfully, that sense of dread doesn’t last long, and I’m happily carrying on my way, tapping out word after word on a page.

But I was just wondering, because I’ve seen it in books before; Just how well received are those stories with really long lists of terms and definitions before the book actually starts? Like hi, I’m here to read a fantasy story, not learn ._.! LoL! Still, I have to admit, I was kicking around the idea of having such a list added to my fifth book (though certainly not before the story begins, that’s just too much to trudge through). But if I add it at the end, it’s kind of like “Oh, didn’t know what that one thing was? Here it is long after you needed it.” Hmm, maybe it’s best to leave my terms on the terminology page of my website.

In any case, and speaking of websites, mine just got a new layout WOO! I think I’d mentioned that a week or so ago? I can’t quite remember, but I’m very pleased with it, and now that I’m done, and today is the last day of my work week, my weekend will be free to write more of The Final Calling! Good weekend is good. I hope lol!

Cheers! :D


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Planning Ahead

Hi guys! I come bearing gifts! Or, well, updates, but if you can consider news a gift, then it’s not entirely inaccurate! :D

I’d been planning to take a short break from writing once Strange Brew was published in order to recharge myself and also work on other aspects of being an indie author, and all of that is well underway now. For the past week, I’ve been diligently hammering out a layout for a website I’m planning to open in the coming months. What does that mean for this blog? Nothing as of yet! I’ll continue to use it for updates along with my website, so this will still be a main “base of operations” as it were! :D

As for The Crucible, I’m in the process of brainstorming and further developing my ideas for the 4th book. It’s much too early to offer any information on it as of yet, but I can say that I have 3 more books planned out so far, and no intentions of stopping once those are done. I wanted this series to be ongoing, and I really have no idea when or where it will end!

So, for now, that’s about it. I’ll be posting up another article for you guys to read in the near future as well, so keep an eye open if you’re interested!

Cheers! :D

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I’d mentioned earlier that I’d be adding a terminology page to this journal detailing different terms and phrases used in The Crucible Series, and lo and behold, thar she be! :) Of course, this is actually a very shortened version of the full list, cut down to size because I’m not in the business of handing out spoilers on my stories (unless I have an incentive of course!), so it’s not too long at the moment, but it’s substantial enough that I thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and add it.

Some of the definitions are very short and generic, but they suffice in describing the general meaning, and you can definitely count on the fact that I’ll be editing the page as more information is revealed. So stay tuned!

Cheers! :D