The Crucible Series

The Crucible
Humans can’t see what they don’t believe exists. But witches, vampires, fae, and other creatures thought mythical live among them.
The Crucible protects mortals from this truth, maintaining a balance of power between the ordinary and the uncommon.

Yet some fateful encounters simply can’t be avoided …

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About the Series

The Crucible is an Adult Paranormal Romance Series (18+ Only). Each book is written as a stand-alone (they may be read out of order) which contains:

• Descriptive Sex and Violence
• Adult Language
• Happily Ever Afters!

2 thoughts on “The Crucible Series

  1. I actually purchased the first two in this series one night while searching Amazons kindle ebooks , i am so picky as I am not into YA or the typical paranormal stories . I just finished the first which was Phenominal ! cant wait to find out more in the second , wow such a great author ** , creative mind is just a start for her !!!

    • Thank you so very much! :D I’m so happy to hear you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read so far, and definitely hope the second book will live up to expectations! LoL ❤❤❤

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