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The Crucible Series Book 8: Cast Into Shadow Cover Reveal & Synopsis

The Crucible Paranormal Romance Series Book Eight: Cast Into Shadow

As an intelligence agent for The Bastion, Jennifer Kivsey usually works behind a desk, assisting other operatives from afar by supplying information whenever it’s needed. But the one time she volunteers to travel during an investigation, her journey takes her much farther from home than anticipated.
After discovering a random portal, Kivsey is unexpectedly pulled through worlds and stranded in the dark, underground caverns of Ithelyon. In immediate danger, she’ll need help if she wants to survive long enough to return home, and a random encounter with a Dok’aal Warlord could provide just that.
The problem? She’s part elven, and Dok’aal are notoriously leery of elves.
Mikail is a Warlord serving the hidden, subterranean city of Satorala, and his highest priority is the safety of his people. So allowing a stranded human to wander about and potentially discover the location of his home is out of the question, meaning he has no choice but to help her find her way.
But despite their inherent differences, Mikail quickly discovers that Kivsey isn’t the helpless human he’d expected. She’s clever, witty, compassionate, and soon has him wondering if she could be the woman he’s been dreaming of. Likewise, Kivsey finds the Warlord as sexy as he is suspicious, but how could a union ever be possible with two worlds standing between them?

Estimated Release: Winter 2017

Author’s Notes

So, for those of you who’ve read Fallen Hearts and had any interest in knowing what happened to Kivsey, here you go!–though the blurb only gives a vague idea about what’s happened to her and how/why she disappeared. Still, this story has been kicking around for quite some time now, and I’m excited to share it!

As for Mikail, the Dok’aal Warlord mentioned in the blurb, his race was featured in The Final Calling, but what was mentioned was really pretty vague. So to give a more thorough explanation, Dok’aal are Dark Elves, a.k.a. Half Elven and Half Demon (Perosian). In The Crucible Series, Dark Elves can be physically described as having argent skin tones ranging from light silvery to jet, typically white hair, and glowing eyes of all colors. They might also have pointed ears, fanged canines, and slitted pupils.

The Dok’aal are also briefly mentioned on my post about The Pantheon (read Satora’s blurb), and personally, Dark Elves are one of my favorite mythological races. So I’m really excited about this story, and the chance to finally introduce the Dok’aal into The Crucible Series in a more official capacity.

I’m not sure about the release date yet. I’ve listed Winter 2017 as the estimated release, but I’m hoping it’ll be closer to late fall. Either way, I hope you guys enjoy it when you get it, and I’ll share some excerpts as soon as I have something decent! :D


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