A Personal Matter

I’ve been trying to motivate myself for, well, I think it’s been a few weeks now, to come over here and make a post. I’ve had plenty of issues in mind to write about, but despite the numerous topics available, I just haven’t quite felt inspired enough to put up any articles, and mostly for reasons of a personal nature.

So I finally thought hey, why not write about that? Not my personal issues, at least, not as a main focus, but the way in which these issues have affected my ability to function normally. This post may end up going all across the board because of it, and I apologize in advance, but here goes.

For most of the year, I’ve been dealing with small health problems, some of them recurring, and though they aren’t really major, they’ve still caused me enough distress that I’ve been floundering in the social scene. (For example, at the moment, I have a small knot in my left wrist at the base of my thumb, and there’s pain whenever I try to extend my thumb from my palm, or grip/twist objects). Thankfully, these issues haven’t prevented me from doing what I love, which is writing stories (Fallen Hearts is coming out later than I’d hoped, but there’s another reason for that altogether!), but interacting with others? That’s a different ballgame.

Writing is my form of escape from the daily ugh I’d been experiencing after all, and though I haven’t started working on the next book in my series just yet, I’m setting a goal for myself to put two books out in 2016 if at all possible. But back to those annoying issues keeping me from being super active on this blog and on other social media sites … !

It’s not just an issue of recurring health troubles that have me feeling a bit down in the dumps, either. I’ve also encountered a number of “situations” online that have either been extremely frustrating, or just downright depressing. The best example I can think of off the top of my head is the frequency in which I’ve seen stories available for m/m relationships in comparison to f/f relationships. Sadly, I don’t have any official facts or figures to cite, but in my personal experience browsing books in search of a story I might like to read, I’ve not only encountered a multitude of romances for m/m relationships, but also groups that dedicate entire forums to it with absolutely no inclusion of anything related to f/f relationships in sight.

Additionally–unless I’m looking in the wrong place–the only stories featuring f/f couples I could find all seem to be “male gazey” (meaning as if they were simply written for men’s entertainment).

Being a feminist as I am, this exclusion of both stories regarding (serious) f/f couples as well as a lack of having any place to celebrate them reminds me of the attitudes taken in society about same sex relationships between women, and how they’re highly regarded as being nothing more than, well, I’ll just reiterate and say “entertainment for men”.

I may have gone on about that a little longer than I intended to (I’m certainly not trying to write a feminist essay on the matter here), and I’m not even saying I’m right about it. I’m simply citing my personal experience and what I’ve seen so frequently in recent months, and how bothersome it is. I’m not a writer of same sex relationships, or at least, not of stories that focus on them as the primary subject, so it may seem strange or even wrong for me to make any comments on the matter whatsoever. But it’s one of the reasons why I’ve been so quiet here lately, like another heap of straw thrown onto a camel’s back that’s threatening to snap it at any moment.

So this entire article is kind of just my overblown way of apologizing for my lack of interaction with this blog in recent months. I know I tend to disappear at times anyway, but hey, life comes atcha fast! Still, I’m never so far away that I’d be oblivious if someone were to send me a message, and I would certainly respond as soon as I had a free moment! <3

Thanks so much everyone! I hope you're all having a wonderful week!

Cheers! :D

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