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Confession Time – Box Sets and Waiting Rooms

This is on short notice, but I like spontaneity. Well, okay, I’m not a huge fan of spontaneity, but it has its uses! That being said, as I’ve found a little time between waiting on my beta readers and doing minor edits on Fallen Hearts, I’ve been working on putting together a box set of my first three books for you guys! :)

Secondly, this set is going to include a preview of Fallen Hearts! :D

Lastly? I’m gonna try my best to get it out next week! (I’m aiming for an August 26th release)

Again, this is on short notice, I know, but hey, not having to wait is always a good thing right? Unlike some of my characters who are sitting in that imaginary lobby, just waiting for their books to be written. Caleb’s tapping his fingers, Dalris is leaning on an elbow, Isadora’s draped over a chair all FML-like, and Isaac’s found a yo-yo to play with. Why? I don’t know, it’s freaking Isaac, he’s always doing something weird. Though I know he’s giving me the stink eye for the way I teased him in Light of Dawn. Mwahahahahaha! Ehem, where was I again?

In any case, the hardest thing about putting this box set together is trying to make the cover look at least relatively decent, if not smashingly glamorous. And I’ll admit, I like glamorous, oh yes. As a side note, I’m being told that ‘smashingly’ isn’t an actual word, and I’m somehow annoyed by this. =|

Anyway, I’ll be updating here once I have more information to share, so keep an eye open!

Cheers! :D

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