With Love to Paris

I’ve always been someone who’s shied away from news channels because I feel so badly when I hear reports of fighting and death, and I usually refrain from commenting when I do. It’s all so depressing to me, and I always wish for those who are suffering to pull through somehow, anyway they can, with the love and support of those closest to them.

So when I heard about the attacks on Paris, my reaction was the same, and also dabbed with concerned fear for anyone I might know through online connections who lives even remotely close to the area. Sometimes words fall short, and this is one of the cases. No amount of years spent sitting behind a computer typing out stories and articles could give someone the experience to know what to say over what’s happened in the City of Love–la Ville de L’amour–recently.

I only know enough to say that right now, I feel sick and overwhelmed, and that whatever else I could say here probably won’t be of much service to those in need. But I hope and pray the wrongs can be righted with minimal effort, that the Parisian people and those related to them find the love and support they need to pull through, and that comfort is given in abundance to help ease the grief for those lost.

If any of my followers are looking for a way to donate funds to help the organizations providing relief, one of the best ways is to visit the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

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