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The Pieces Fit

I just recently signed up for accounts on and, though I admit, I’ve never been to those sites before and I’m not sure of the ‘etiquette’. I also hate signing up at new places, particularly those that are “message board heavy” (basically, a lot of people chatting and posting messages, blah blah) because I almost feel I either don’t have much to say, or just “shouldn’t comment”, as if I’m intruding where I’m not wanted and/or don’t belong. *Sigh* Oh social anxiety, even on the internet, you’re a bitch.

Anywhosit (that’s totally a word I swear), in other news type updates, I just submitted the cover for The Final Calling to Period Images (the stock photo website that owns the original image) for their book cover showcase, and YAY! I consider this a personal victory. Why? Because I suffer from a case of the “what if’s”–you know, what if this happens, or that thing over there? Not fun. =|

But as it turns out, the person I chatted with said the cover was gorgeous. Go figure. I shall now hide in a hole and continue my writing without worry for receiving anymore of those pesky compliments that make my head feel like it’s about to experience an explosion-by-blush-overload.

So! Speaking of writing (that’s why people are here, right?), I wanted to say that though I’ve been really happy with the paths The Final Calling has started to take, progress has slowed down in the past week or so. Why? I’m not 100% certain. I think it’s kind of a mix of me trying to figure out new plot angles + working on other things that demand my attention (like my actual day job that I only wish was writing my series LoL), but I’m not pushing myself to get it done. Because we all know there’s only one thing pushing yourself will accomplish; you eventually fall off a cliff! D:

And I don’t think anyone wants Angela Colsin flavored pancakes. But if I’m wrong … I actually don’t want to know about it lol!

But I’m surprised! I’ve already written a story featuring a draconian protagonist (Ulric woo!) but I’m actually revealing more “lore” about their race in The Final Calling than I did in Light of Dawn. Go figure. I have a soft spot for draconians, though, I won’t lie. Why? Because DRAGONS. I’m sorry, but every book that’s any book needs to have a dragon in it. Allusions to dragons work, but AN ACTUAL DRAGON! Okay, I’ll shut up about dragons now. Dragons.

I just wish I had more space to actually write about the Great Dragons Ulric mentions in Light of Dawn. There are five, I have names for all of them, but so far, I’ve only mentioned one. Then there are the five Houses (if you’ve read Light of Dawn, you know one of them, House Dra’Kai, which Ulric belongs to) and the differences/similarities between each one largely dependent upon the GD that “sired” them. PHEW how long winded I am this morning.

Anyway, my point is that problem I mentioned in a previous post with lore and backstory where you write a ton of it out to make the pieces fit together better, but never get a chance to mention it. Or you do get a chance, but it pops up in the weirdest place ever, i.e., more information on draconians coming up in The Final Calling.

But I suppose this is like that problem where “I can’t write in chronological order”. I just can’t do it. I’ve seen a lot of writers asking, “Do you write your chapters in order?”, as if they’re breaking the laws of physics by typing out the last chapter first–which is a total lie. I literally can’t write a book from start to finish with everything in order the way it’s supposed to go. By the time I get to the end, the beginning starts to change up completely, and I have to go back and edit. So yeah, I skip around, like, a helluvalot.

Same for those bits of information being revealed in the last place you’d expect. But one of the best feelings in the world is realizing it actually makes sense in the grand scheme of things and knowing there’s a place where it fits. And that’s the sense I’ve had with both Fallen Hearts and The Final Calling recently (I won’t say how Fallen Hearts fits into this, you’ll find out when I publish The Final Calling :P).

Anyway, I’m gettin’ outta here now. I’m sleepy, it’s cold, and I apologize if I’ve sounded random at all!

Cheers! :D

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